6 Tips to Learn Foreign Language at Homeschool5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
SIX TIPS: To Learn Foreign Language at HOMESCHOOL



6 Tips to Learn Foreign Language at Homeschool5 min read

Based on 2018 Data from the US Census Bureau, speaking a language other than English at home is used by over 67 million people in the United States. If this drives you to work on an additional language to your skillset, then do not think it has never been easiest to learn. The days of attending schools or classes to learn a second language have gone; now, you can pick up an application to learn dozens of languages based on your interest.

Learning a language can be fun? Well, yes, you will enjoy the process of learning a foreign language. Because that is not included in your curriculum, but it includes your stake. These are the perfect tips for all ages, mainly including high school students.

Luckily, in high school, I offered to learn the language of love French as my foreign language. So, I got typical but interesting sets to learn. But unfortunately, it was only for a year, and I didn’t take that much in offer. Later on, I realized the fun process of learning it and its various merits, like having a job in demand.

Though I started again to learn because, magically, I know its basics, afterward, I got a company that looks for people who are fluent in French.
So, from nowhere itself, add a foreign language to your skill sets, Dear Teens.

Foreign language has many benefits beyond just collecting credits on their high school records. It’s a competitive second language era; most multinational corporations need translators with a good package.
It helps you add skill and helps you add benefits to your present’s one like your mother tongue or English with enhancing vocabulary, improving grammar, and mechanical skills.

But the question is that how will you add a foreign language to your homeschooled students’ life? Okay! Hold on here, and go through the SIX artistic ways to earn a foreign language at your packed school, even you’re swamped with other works.

1: Consider Language Immersion

Language immersion starts from a fluent speaker when he uses a second language with your student, both in teaching and in regular conversation. Children learn their native language through immersion, and this method proves just as helpful when learning a second language.

For homeschooling students, this way works because when one parent in the home uses a second language fluently, that ever comes to the notice of the child. In bilingual families, the parents go for a situation that one will speak in English and one parent in another language to make their child understandable to the core. And they would able to practice a lot and learn both the language in the same boat.

2: Use learning, games, and apps

You can put your child into the learning process through media such as language programs, verified applications through the best instructors, and games.

Examples of Incredible options are

  • Little Pim
  • Whistlefritz
  • Rosetta Stone

Try some best learning applications readily and easily available on google play/ios play store like

  • App Overall: Babbel
  • App for From Real Native Speakers: Memrise
  • Free Language Lessons: Duolingo
  • App Learning Accurate Pronunciation: Mondly
  • Language Learning App for Mastering Real-Life Conversations: Speaking
  • App for Learning Through Music: Lirica
  • App for Learning on the Go: Pimsleur
  • App for Comparing Side-By-Side with Your Native Language: Beelinguapp
  • App for Learning by Sound: Rosetta Stone
  • App for Learning Through Games: QLango

Duolingo is one of the favorite foreign language apps. You can download it free from Itunes, Android, and Windows. It’s a free and entertaining application that provides you with an exquisite selection of languages to learn. It provides:

  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

3: Watch a Movie

If your family usually has a family movie night, then go for a foreign film with English Subtitles. Even though your child might not read the subtitles, he can still learn and understand the movie following through the movie’s actions by watching and listening to it.

I tell you mine phase of learning because I could relate this tip with me. I started watching a Spanish movie, and the shocking point was that I didn’t know an A in Spanish. Still, I was able to understand the movie through watching, listening, and English subtitles.

The word I learned through the movie and I remember as of now,

Nos vemos pronto
and even more.

A simple way to introduce your child to learn another language is to change the audio track of their favorite movie. Since he knows what is going on in the movie, he would most probably understand it word to word.

You can try the same with the subtitles on most DVDs.

4: Check Out Books

You can easily find books of your interested language in public libraries or at bookstores. Libraries also have a children’s section. You can find a book that does not have a translation in other languages, such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar; this book has English text on one page and the foreign language transcript on the other page.

You can take recommendations from librarians as well.

5: Hire A Tutor

Suppose you think that your
homeschooled child is not much into learning the second language from either of
you. Then, you can hire an instructor for him.
Get connected with local schools
and colleges, fellow homeschoolers, and community boards to look forward to the
practical and affordable tutor in your surroundings. You can go for online
resources as well, such as Tutor.com, if you can’t find many options.

6: Travel

You can often go traveling the countries if that suits you. Culture even positively affects your child, especially in their learning phase.
I understand it’s not the option for every family, but you can make your child aware of that country’s culture, which might attract your child towards the language as well. Because understanding culture to the core comes from its language.


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