Intro to Filmmaking Course for your Teen4 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



Intro to Filmmaking Course for your Teen4 min read

Does your kid love to play around with cameras?

Is your teen into creating videos and short movies?

Well, the course “Intro to Filmmaking” by Film School 4 Teens is one that can really help your child to turn his interests into important life skills.

Film 4 School provides fun online courses where they teach film and video to interested teens. Trust us, your teen will definitely want to try out these courses!

What will students learn who enroll in this course?

These are the core things that teens will learn if they enroll in this course:

  • Appreciation for film

All the teachers and creators of this course aim at fostering a love for filmmaking and an appreciation for films. This is done through topics such as filmmaking, analysis, history and so on.

  • Studying films in a safe and controlled manner

Students will be taught practical steps on how to study films in a way that is both controlled as well as safe. They will not be exposed to anything that is inappropriate and therefore, parents have no cause for worry.

  • Technical processes and cultural impact

Along with a bunch of technical processes that are taught, students will also learn about the cultural impact of various films.

  • How to create their own short film

The students will get the opportunity to put their skills and the theories they learn to practical use by creating and submitting their own short film which will then be reviewed.

How will students be taught?

Students will learn through

  • Streamed videos and lessons
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Workbook notes
  • Independent photo and video assignments for the students to complete
  • Movies

Will students require any special equipment for this course?

Well, this is completely up to the student and the parents. If your child is seriously thinking about a career in filmmaking, then it would definitely make lots of sense for you to invest in special equipment that can be used for this course. The equipment will certainly be used by your teen in the future.

However, if your child is taking this course for sheer fun or just to improve a hobby, he need not necessarily have special equipment. Your teen can successfully complete this course with any smartphone, iPad or laptop too.

What should you keep in mind?

  • This course can be independently completed by the student in his homeschool. However, there are some assignments that do require actors for the student to film. Parents, siblings, friends, neighbors or anyone else could play the roles of the actors.
  • This course is super fun if done with a group of friends or a co-op. However, each student will have to enroll separately.
  • It would definitely make for a great high school elective. For students who don’t necessarily want to pursue a career in filmmaking but enjoy an elective that is entertaining, unique and fun, this course is perfect!

What are some of the basics of how the course works?

  • The Intro to Filmmaking course includes 75 videos in total along with a 100-page color workbook that is used with the lessons and assignments.
  • There are Christian as well as secular versions of the course. You just have to pick whatever suits you best!
  • The student can watch videos and fill out their workbooks simultaneously. Or watch a class and fill out the workbook afterward. Whatever works best for them.
  • There are various assignments for the students to complete. These assignments include generation of ideas for a movie, choosing a camera, lighting, practicing how to shoot videos or photos by using different camera angles, editing as well as steps to produce your own movie!
  • There are assessments after each section.

What are the best parts of this course?

  • It’s self-paced! This course is super easy to follow and your student can do it at his own pace.
  • It has a number of fun film facts included!
  • The workbook greatly helps the student to learn better.
  • The movies are awesome!

Should you consider this course for your teens? How can you be sure?

If any of these points ring a bell for you, then maybe it’s time for you to consider enrolling your teen in this course!

  • Your teen is interested in filmmaking as a hobby or a career. Your teen loves editing.
  • Your kid is interested in digital content creation.
  • Your student is just interested to learn about how things work.
  • Your teens want to pick up a new hobby or some new skills.
  • You want your teens to develop a love for film and understand the cultural impact of different films. You want them to learn to appreciate the film and its various aspects.
  • Do you want your kids to develop the art of visual storytelling through films?

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your teens in this course today!


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