10 Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers3 min read

Child Development Nov 29, 2021
10 Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers



10 Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers3 min read

Field trips are so much fun for preschool kids. They can do so many different things with their hands-on learning experiences. Although these are fun for kids, we’re not going to do them every time. Instead, we’re going to call them field trips. Since preschools are still very young, they should still have fun. In these 10 field trips, you can introduce them to different elements of learning and play. A trip to a farm or a local fire station will have more of an impact on a child’s confidence. Plan ahead and make sure that everything is in place for a successful field trip. Some places may charge a fee, while others may not. If the fee is not charged, but the child attends, fill in the form with the payment. If the parent can’t pay, the fee can be paid yourself.


Field trips are also very valuable for young kids. They can help them develop a variety of skills and knowledge that are important for their academic success.

Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

When you work in a preschool or daycare, being outside can get boring. This article will teach you some simple ways to shake things up a bit. If you have enough people to take a school group, many local businesses are happy to accommodate them. Below are some preschool field trip ideas that can be used for different subjects.

1. Apple Orchards: An apple orchard is a fun place to visit for kids. It’s usually full of activities geared towards younger kids. Come visit the library in September and borrow some books about apple orchards. Plan some activities for the whole family.

2. Pumpkin Orchards: Like apple orchards, pumpkin patches are kid-friendly. When you go to a pumpkin patch, you’ll be surrounded by activities that are related to the season’s festivities. Introduce children to the concept of pumpkins. You can also learn about the different types of pumpkins and their seeds.

3. Zoo: This can be a great way to spend a rainy day with the family while visiting a zoo. Creating a scavenger hunt can be a fun addition to the experience.

4. Museums: One of the reasons why my kids loved going to children’s museums was that they usually had something new to explore. Most of the time, these attractions rotate their exhibits, so they’re always looking for something new to discover.

5. Domestic Animals: Domesticated animals are great for kids to learn about and visit. They can also learn about how farming supports local economies and how to make healthy food choices.

6. Fire and Police Station: Fire trucks and police cars are often the first things kids see when they’re young. However, these vehicles can be easily manipulated by kids into being intimated by officers in full gear. Make arrangements to visit a local police station and have your kids learn some safety tips.

7. Aquarium: Since, as parents, we can’t leave out the marine animals when it comes to learning about nature. Take them to an aquarium and let them play with the animals.

8. Recycling Centre: When my kids were young, we went to a recycling center. It was very educational to see how plastic bottles and cans were made into various products, such as clothes and furniture.

9. Ponds: A pond can be very interesting, especially in the spring when you may see goslings, tadpoles, and ducklings. Before you go, borrow some books about the ponds and take photos with your camera.

10. Town: Although most of us take for granted the things we see around us, there are also many fascinating places to visit in our own towns. Take a few moments to explore and discover what makes your town unique.


Field Trips can be planned anytime, but it is important that they coincide with a regular schedule or theme. The knowledge gained from a field trip will be more ingrained if it coincides with a weekly theme. Enjoy your field trips!


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