Homemade Cards for Father’s Day5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 18, 2021
home made card for fathers day


Homemade Cards for Father’s Day5 min read

Instead of giving a store-bought Father’s Day card, why not create a one-of-a-kind note that says something about him? There are plenty of unique Father’s Day cards out there that are sure to impress him. A homemade Father’s Day card is a great way to show him how special he is to you and to your child. Your kids will love creating their own unique and creative creations.

Importance of Creating Skills

It is special when gifts are created and crafted with love. This makes the person feel they are so important and feel loved. But there is something more happening when we encourage children to create. The most important skill that one can possess is the ability to create. Art and Crafts can help your child’s brain development. This is a skill that most of us lack and hence are prone to leading a less creative life. This is why it is important that parents teach their kids the importance of this skill.

So let’s make some super easy Father’s day cards with your child. Help your child make very unique cards for Father’s day with these creative-colorful ideas!

Footprint Card


Green, Black & Yellow Paint
Card-stock Paper

Let’s make it:

Spread the newspaper before you start making your card. This will help you clean up easily and save your floor from spilled paint.
Fold the Card-stock paper in half.
Let’s make the footprint first.
Clean your kid’s legs and keep them dry.
Now apply the green colour with the paintbrush on your child’s feet.
Ask your child to place the painted foot on the plain paper very carefully.
Now remove your child’s leg and wipe it clean.
Set it to dry.
Make wheels with yellow paint and the body of the tractor with black paint.
We need the paint to be perfectly dry before you write greetings in the card for Father’s day!
You can help your child write it.

Father’s day Fingerprint Card


You will need twine/rope
Brown Paint and Brown/Black Marker

Let’s make it:

After they have painted their thumbs, have them dip their finger into the paint and press it right over the thumbprint.
Glue a piece of twine to the paper above the brown fingerprints.
Then, draw the tail, hands and legs using the brown marker.
Draw a black eye and a dark brown circle on their faces.
Write “I love hangin’ with you” at the top of the card.
Cool and Funny card for a Cool and Jovial Dad!

‘POP’ Corn Card


Black, White, Pink & Red Craft Foam Sheets
School Glue
Googly Eyes
White Poster Board or Card-stock
Pencil or Marker
Paint Brush
Yellow Paint
Cotton Balls

Let’s make it:

Help your child cut out a pop corn bucket with the red foam sheet.
Now stick it on the white card stock.
Cut thin lines out of the white craft foam and ask your child to glue them onto the red popcorn bucket.
Cut out a black smile and rosy pink cheeks ask your child to glue onto your popcorn bucket.
Add googly eyes to the Popcorn bucket.
Stick cotton balls onto your card above the popcorn bucket.
Help your child Paint the cotton balls yellow.
Write “You’re the Best Pop” on the white card stock.

Father’s Day Shirt Card


Card Stock
Bow Tie Pasta (Farfalle)
Acrylic Paint
Extra Strong Glue

Let’s make it:

Help your child cut the card stock in half.
Now ask your child to fold it.
While the card is being folded, cut the card in a way that one of the folds has an excess area with the help of the scissors.
This excess area is cut towards the center of the card and folded to make the collar of the shirt. This part can be done by the parent.
Now ask your child to stick the corners of the shirt to the main card.
Help your child to use the bow tie pasta, colour it and stick it between the collar.
Sticking the buttons for the shirt.
Write wishes for your father inside the card.
Your Father’s day card is ready!

Father’s day Popsicle card


Printable cards
White card stock
Watercolor paints
Popsicle sticks
Glue stick
Eye stickers or googly eyes

Let’s make it:

Draw an outline of a Popsicle, cool sunglasses, a mustache and hearts for your child to color.
Guide your child to colour it.
Now carefully cut the Popsicle, Sunglasses and Mustache.
Help your child stick the Popsicle sticks to the painted Popsicle.
Stick the mustache, hearts and cool sunglasses.
Wait for it to dry.
Now write “ Dad You are the coolest”
There you have a cool father’s day card.

Father’s Day Watercolour card


Watercolor paper
Watercolor paint
White crayon
Paint palette
Water dish

Let’s make it:

For the parent: This is a resist technique. The crayon will resist watercolor. Hence the crayon should be used adequately for you to get the effect.

Now ask your child to write something about their Dad. Or simply write “Dad in a heart or even “ I Love you Dad” using the white crayons.
Give your children the water colors and ask them to use it their way! Note if there are chances to spill, please take precautions like using newspapers.
Your child will be amazed to see the water colour separate from the crayon.
Complete it with your child and make a creative colourful Card for Father’s day!


When it comes to homemade gifts, there is something special about them that the recipient never expected. Making special cards will always be memorable for you and for your child. There are so many creative ways to make a Father’s Day card that they will love. This list of Father’s Day Card ideas will help your kids make the perfect card. So enjoy making your favorite card with your children and surprise Dad’s with your cool creativity!

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