Exploring Online Learning in our Homeschool5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021



Exploring Online Learning in our Homeschool5 min read

The internet is such a wonderful place to be. It allows us to connect with each other, collaborate, and find information that we might not have considered before. Children need something more formal, like classes online. Many students will still continue with online learning this fall. When schools started going online with COVID-19, it marked a major shift in how parents were involved in their kids’ education. They had to decide how they would support remote learning. It now involves more reliance on technology, as well as the use of various forms of communication technology. Students are more likely to become engaged in hybrid and fully online learning environments due to the pandemic. This is also because of the rise of online learning in schools. Homeschooling too can get aid from online platforms.

Difficulty parents face

Some parents may be having a hard time supporting their children’s remote learning. This is because of work commitments or other family circumstances. But, there are ways to support their kids’ homeschooling through online learning.

Technology – a helping hand for homeschooling

With the help of an online curriculum, parents can provide their kids with a wide variety of educational options. This includes online lectures, textbooks, and access to counselors. CDs and DVDs are commonly used in homeschooling setups, and they can be loaded with interactive learning materials that complement a variety of subjects. The Internet also has a variety of materials that can be used to supplement your homeschooling. YouTube is a prominent platform where various educational organizations provide short lectures.

The best online learning tools for homeschooling

1. Time4Learning is an award-winning curriculum that’s designed to help students and parents save time. It features a variety of tools and resources that will help them achieve success. Time4Learning is from Cambium Learning, which is a leading provider of education technology solutions and services. They deliver what matters most to education success: simplicity, certainty, and now. Time4Learning has also added various perks and features to make it a more robust and reliable homeschool solution for families.

2. BrainPOP was founded in 1999 to help kids with difficult concepts. Through our unique approach, Dr. Avraham Kadhar was able to create a way to explain concepts to his young patients. Animated movies are great for kids because they can relate to characters and storylines that are made to speak in a voice. It also pairs coding, movie making, and concept mapping with writing, drawing, and reflection to develop deeper understandings of our content. There are Learning games and simulations from the world’s leading game designers that help kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The approaches to assessments are different. They provide meaningful assessments and feedback. They help teachers develop effective teaching strategies that meet the unique needs of their students. From game-based learning to customized assessments, we have the tools and resources to support their efforts. This is an ideal tool for homeschooling.

3. Khan Academy is a personalized learning platform that helps students master various subjects and test preparation. Our content is focused on helping learners develop strong foundations and build confidence. Students start by filling in the gaps they see and then accelerate their learning. Khan Academy’s lessons and practice are designed to meet their needs. With Khan Academy, parents can now see what their kids are up to and how they’re performing in class. They can also customize their own reports so they can keep track of all the details of their kids’ performances. With over 3 million students worldwide, Khan Academy is the place where students can learn at their own pace. They can connect with others who share their unique story.


  • Online learning in homeschooling allows students to take advantage of the flexibility of having classes that they can complete in their homes. It eliminates the need for students to go to public schools to take advanced placement exams.
  • With Online learning in homeschooling, students can focus on their interests and develop a personalized education that fits their needs. It allows parents to focus on their child’s weaknesses and academic achievements.
  • Students are also more likely to have an interest in their subjects and are more self-disciplined. This is also beneficial for them as it will help them complete their college education.
  • This time is usually wasted on teachers waiting for students to calm down or trying to help them understand a concept.
  • Online learning in homeschooling cuts down on the time that students spend in the classroom. This saves time and allows for more personalized help.
  • With homeschooling, the child can customize their curriculum to help them learn at a faster pace. It can also be adjusted to help them understand more topics, allowing them to get a better grasp of them on their own.
  • Aside from being a smart and viable option for parents, an online homeschooling is also a great way to start a child’s education. It is also a great way to provide a quality education for your child.


Homeschooling has become more prevalent in the US. With the increasing number of homeschooled children, parents are choosing to educate their kids on their own. Technology has greatly impacted the way homeschooling is practiced. With the ability to find curriculum and resources online, parents can now customize their child’s learning experience. It also helps build a community within the homeschool community by promoting connections with other families. Hope this article helped you with exploring online learning for homeschooling.


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