Does Your Early Learner Need A Planner?3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Does Your Early Learner Need A Planner?



Does Your Early Learner Need A Planner?3 min read

Does your preschooler really need a planner? Maybe not

But if he has older siblings who do have planners then he may think that he needs one too.

But don’t you want to keep a planner for your early learner? Don’t you want to record all the milestones that your child has achieved and will achieve? Don’t you want a place where you can keep track of things that you have implemented in your homeschool and other stuff that you want to do?

If your answer to any of these questions was yes, then maybe you could consider keeping an Early Learner Planner.

In order to see just how far your child has progressed over the course of the year, you could record various milestones at the beginning as well as at the end of the year.

If you’re looking for a good planner, we would suggest getting your Early Learner Planner from A Plan In Place Planner.

A Plan In Place Planners are such great planners and they do offer a variety of planners too, from the student planner to the homeschool teacher planner to a high school planner.

For times when you have a lot of planning to do, it’s a good idea to have a place where you can jot down your ideas and important things that you want to remember.

The Early Learner Planner by A Plan in Place Planner is also great because it has a place for you to write down your kids’ grades as well until you can finally get around to writing them down in the grade book.

And the best thing about A Plan in Place Planner is that these planners are completely customizable.

Why should you use an Early Learner Planner?

Like we already mentioned, if your older kids have planners, then your early learner is going to think he or she needs one too.

But more importantly, there is so much that you can do with the early learner planner that you would definitely want to get one.

Since the planner is completely customizable, you could pretty much include whatever you’d like to. And honestly, preschoolers probably learn best and most effectively through play and activities, so you could just keep everything to a minimum as well.

You could keep your planner simple and open to whatever learning activities you and your kid might want to enjoy and do together. You could also provide a few spots for having a simple plan in the future.

You can have up to eight sections in your planner, so work out what sections you would like to include. Some examples could include Reading, 123’s, ABC’s, Activities and so on.

In the Reading section, you could list books that you would like to read together with your child. The 123’s section will obviously include everything math-related, and the ABC’s section will have language arts.

You could include something for yourself to take notes – a Mommy’s Notes corner, where you can write down anything specific that you want to cover in a week.

Including a section like ‘My Chores and Responsibilities’ is a great way to list down your early learner’s little chores and tasks.

The Early Learner Planner also has a calendar option. But this calendar is a little different from normal planners; it’s a manual one where you have to fill in the dates. And this is particularly brilliant because manually adding the date to the calendar will give you a good opportunity to talk to your kid about concepts like date, day, month, day of the week, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Additionally, the monthly calendar has the month and the days of the week printed in dotted lines so that your kid can trace them!

You could also include weather-learning activities through a sticker package. Little ones always love to have their own set of stickers to use.

We would definitely suggest not only getting yourself a planner but also your early learner a planner too.

Early Learner Planners are a great way to keep your plans, lessons, activities and your kid’s milestones documented for life.


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