Reasons to Dyslexic Homeschoolers4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
Best Reasons to Dyslexic Homeschoolers



Reasons to Dyslexic Homeschoolers4 min read

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. It ranges from minor discomfort, which causes you to miss out on a letter when reading, to severe impairment, which becomes an obstacle when trying to learn.

Homeschooling a dyslexic student will undoubtedly require lots of determination. Still, it is all worth the trouble in the end as it gives the affected the opportunity to learn at their own pace and helps them become confident students.

The degree of affliction, as discussed earlier, may vary according to a large extent. Some may even be capable of reading out the alphabet and writing names, but the actual challenge lies beyond that as you try to get accustomed to textual knowledge, and your child falls behind due to dyslexia.

Diagnosis can include both professional and home-based methods. The symptoms can include being unable to recognize your name when a flashcard is a show or a letter constantly flipped when trying to write something.

After a proper diagnosis, most experts recommend putting the child in a school where their unique needs will be looked after. But everybody knows that this cannot beat homeschooling in any way. The child will never get the required attention in the schools, and in the name of special education, they barely hold 30 mins each week where they try and help all the children with special needs wherein the child’s needs may be ignored in considerable strength. Moreover, it may destroy your child’s only chance at being a successful reader and a student who can compete with the normal ones.

Homeschooling directly impacts and accommodates the child’s condition in a way that traditional schooling never could. Unfortunately, some parents wish they knew the benefits of homeschooling for children with special needs while they had a hard time deciding.

Homeschooling proved the opportunity for one-to-one interaction for Dyslexic students. Most experts say systematic, consistent, and focused instruction are necessary steps to ensure fluent reading. It is not possible in a public school setting as the focus is dispersed over many students, and your child may have a hard time keeping up.

Every day, this particular need is met at home, and students fare and learn a lot better in this environment.

Homeschooling is a strength bases system and focuses on your child’s most vital points and helps them learn further using those strengths. In this way, the opportunity to find your strengths will not only boost your confidence but help you learn flexibly as well as opposed to the learning that relies heavily on text-based knowledge. For example, following the book while listening to Audible may prove to be more productive in the case of a dyslexic student and boost the progress by a significant level. It may help him come on par with others his age but exceed their level by being determined and using his strengths to the fullest.

Tactile Learning

Many children who have dyslexia are also prone to be diagnosed with ADHD as well. It seems that they many a time go hand in hand for some scientific reason. Homeschooling allows the parent to consider the ADHD and help maintain the attention that the child requires, which will help him focus and learn faster—For example, dancing. At the same time, learning may be the best combination of learning and exercise as this method caters to dyslexia, ADHD, and physical fitness. These tailored experiences may work better than the traditional ones; after all, not one size can fit everyone. Adding movement and hands-on activities will also help improve hand-eye coordination while imbuing the learning with actions and muscle memory.

Homeschooling helps a Dyslexic child improve self-perception and confidence.

The child will learn about his present situation, how it is different from others, and how to accept it. It is an integral part of the journey. The child begins to accept the present situation, instead relies on strengths to get by a rough patch anywhere in life rather than brute force or relying on anyone else. This sense of independence and strength can do wonders. The child will learn to recognize the gifts they already have, which would drive them to spend more time in the subjects they love. They would have the same curiosity as any average child would have and would be eager to learn new things this way instead of being scared to head out into the unknown.

Be sure to discuss your strategies and put them out here proactively so that other struggling parents may take inspiration from them and help their children become the next geniuses.

Never be ashamed to admit or seek out active help that your child needs special care. After all, famous personalities like Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, and Albert Einstein were dyslexic too, but they became unforgettable stars in their fields.


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