How to Draw a Triceratops?4 min read

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How to Draw a Triceratops?4 min read

Drawing is a natural process that children develop naturally. It shows a connection between developing motor skills and social skills. We will learn to draw a Triceratop today through this article.

Benefits of drawing

  • This activity can help children develop their dexterity and build their confidence. They can also explore different elements of art by holding a drawing in their hand.
  • When kids are young, they develop these connections quickly. They can easily form neural connections while drawing and painting.
  • Once they finish their work, they start planning what they want to draw next.
  • Visual perception is a basic cognitive ability that enables people to identify the different colors and sizes of objects.
  • Being able to pick what they want to draw is also very important to them. Doing so will allow them to pay closer attention to their actions.

Let’s draw a Triceratops

What is a Triceratops?

Triceratops is an extinct subgroup of the herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur family that first appeared during the Late Cretaceous period about 68 million years ago. It is believed that this animal had three horns. It’s a herbivore that can grow up to a length of around 10 feet and weigh almost 13 tons. The Triceratops is a large dinosaur that has a fanned head and three menacing horns. The name “Triceratops” comes from the Greek language.

Fun facts about triceratops

  • The Triceratops is a Greek word that refers to a three-horned dinosaur. In reality, it only had two real horns. The third one was made from a soft protein that’s found in human fingernails.
  • Part of what makes Triceratops a recognizable animal is its large skull, which can grow almost 7 feet long. The erection of the skull was most likely caused by sexual selection.
  • Triceratops and the tyrannosaurus rex were both in the same ecosystem at the same time around 65 million years ago. It’s reasonable to assume that the former would occasionally attack the latter due to its predatory tendencies.
  • These animals also had bird-like beaks that they used to clip off large amounts of vegetation. They also used their hind teeth to shear the tough tissue from the trees.
  • Early members of the ceratopsian family were small, often bipedal, and had a slightly comical appearance. One of the earliest known examples was the Chaoyangsaurus, which lived in central and eastern Asia during the Late Cretaceous.
  • The thin flap of skin on solid bone was commonly used to signal other animals. It was also used to indicate sexual availability or warn a predator.
  • In recent years, various dinosaur species have been retitled as “growth stages.” This includes the Triceratops, which have been known to have grown for an unusually long time.
  • Paleontologist Othniel C. Marsh made a major mistake in 1887 when he identified a partial Triceratops skull as that of a grazing mammal known as Bison alticornis.
  • Due to the large skull and horns of Triceratops, which are so distinctive and resilient, fossils of this dinosaur are often found in the American west. This is why museum owners often go to great lengths to acquire these relics. Unfortunately, this lucrative market is often exploited by criminals.
  • Fossils of Triceratops were only discovered around the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that the loss of diversity in the region contributed to the animal’s extinction.

Materials needed to draw the Triceratops

  • White drawing paper – To draw and color.
  • Pencil – Drawing with a pencil helps, making corrections by erasing and re-drawing.
  • Eraser – To erase any mistakes if any.
  • Black Marker – After the drawing is done, black markers can be used to make the outline.
  • Ruler – to draw the guidelines.
  • Crayons – To add color to the drawing.

Guidelines to help Kids draw

  • Having a visual reference point is very helpful for anyone who is learning how to draw.
  • Following the steps of this article, it has a grid of three lines, which are in vertical and horizontal directions.
  • This article will help children understand how to create a Triceratops using a very strong and heavy body.
  • Older children may want to try adding some dashed lines to help them plot their drawings more.

Steps to draw

Let’s start with drawing the guidelines.

  1. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw it.
  2. Now let’s work on drawing the triceratops.
  3. Start the body with an egg shape.
  4. Draw an overlapping oval for the head.
  5. Erase the inside line and draw the back leg.
  6. Add the front leg and erase the inside line.
  7. Erase the inside line and draw the remaining legs and tail.
  8. Start the face.
  9. Erase line and draw horns, eye and nose.
  10. Add a foreground and background.
  11. Let’s use the marker to draw the outline.
  12. Now start coloring.
  13. Color the triceratops in brown color.
  14. Color the horns in white.
  15. Now color the land with olive green color.
  16. Color the mountains with black and brown.
  17. Now color the sky blue.


Creating art helps develop children’s creativity and self-esteem. It can also teach them basic skills and build their confidence. Hope this article helped you learn how to draw triceratops.


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