How to draw Schulten Landscape?3 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to draw Schulten Landscape?3 min read


If you really love to do something artistic and browse all about it, all you need to do is simply find similar art ideas on the internet.

One disadvantage of this browsing process is that you can’t really give credit to the original person who is coming up with all those great ideas. And this is what we’ll talk about in this article. It is basically all about a landscape project.

Before beginning, we must know some facts. A brilliant woman once saw that the art Ton Schulten makes looks like his drawings lay on top of a wavy grid of background color.

Therefore, rather than telling kids to draw buildings and then fill them with paint (and this is what 99% of art projects do), teachers guided them to paint a wavy background first, and then let those edges inspire the buildings that go on top.

Don’t have watercolors with you? Don’t worry! You can even work with crayons and a thick black Sharpie marker. Choosing a larger box of Crayons should give your little ones more options so they can work with more than just the basic primary colors.

Having a collection of peaches, red violets and yellowish greens will make a pretty yet soft-looking patchwork for the background of your picture.


  • Watercolor paint ( liquid kind is quite easy and elegant to apply)
  • Crayons (the one having various shades is recommended)
  • Black tempera paint (such a paint choice with give the best opaque color)
  • Thin paint brushes

Time needed

According to our estimations, you’ll take somewhere between 40-60 minutes for painting and have fun along!

How to make a Schulten landscape

Just follow the below mentioned steps to draw your own Schulten landscape and that too without any hustle & bustle.

  1. Draw irregular patterns in form of grids. Just look at the picture attached below in order to get a rough idea.
  2. Fill your boxes with different colors. You may use either watercolors or crayons. Just make sure not to fill two adjacent boxes with the same colors. You can go for a variety of colors.
  3. Mark your grids with a black sharpie marker and give them the shape of the house.
  4. Make similar houses all around with your marker and fill the space.
  5. Add windows to your house. The window must be probably in the shape of either rectangles or squares. (After this, make slanting lines at the rooftop as shown in the picture).
  6. Fill your windows with black color in order to give them a classy texture.

Congratulations! You’ve just made your own Schulten masterpiece!

Another drawing piece that you must try


You’ll observe the end number of drawing ideas when you’ll work with the Schulten drawing methodology. Just follow these simple yet informative steps to try some other articles as well.

Step 1: Make a square on a thick paper or canvas sheet. Just remember that the square must be parallel.
Step 2: Now color the boxes using watercolors/crayons (as a beginner it is advised to work with the crayons first) You may also refer to oil pastels and blend them together in order to make a perfect masterpiece.

Pro tip – It is advisable not to fill the adjacent boxes with the same colors, instead you can work with a similar tone color with a similar blend of colors.


We hope that this post might have motivated you to experiment more and more with Ton Schulten inspired Landscape art project and to help your kids make your own version of this easy Painting today!
Once you introduce your kids to this beautiful landscape art with some creative yet fun techniques, they’ll get more excited to make their own version of this painting!


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