How to draw a red panda?3 min read

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How to draw a red panda?3 min read


Red Panda is considered to be a mammal that lives in China and the Himalayas and that too on trees.
In case you are a tech nerd, you may also call it “Firefox”. Another unique fact to notice is that the red panda is featured in the logo of the web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Chinese red pandas are usually found in the northern region of the river in northern Myanmar, southeastern Tibet, and two southwestern provinces in China. Whereas Himalayan red pandas are seen in the southern region of the river in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and southern Tibet.

According to a recent study, it is observed that red pandas are endangered and we need to gather a lot of effort in order to help and save them.

The most important way to save such endangered animals is by spreading awareness about them and teaching our younger generations why these animals are important and why there is a need to save them from extinction.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a Red Panda. Also, we’ll teach you how to include unique markings on their face and the pretty pattern in their little tail.

You might have noticed a striped pattern on their tails. If you just change the coloring pressure with the same crayon, that light stripe pattern is very easy to make. If you use a dark orange crayon, it will give your picture a very nice matching light orange color by just coloring with it lightly.


  • Pencil– Make sure to use a pencil that has a high HB grade. A pencil with such a grade helps you to draw fine dark lines with minimal effort.
  • Drawing paper– Don’t replace the drawing paper with any rough sheet or plain ruled paper. As it would make your drawing experience quite dull.
  • Black marker– Using a black sharpie marker will give your cute little panda, an amazing outline as well as texture.
  • Crayons– you can either go for watercolors or crayons. But we recommend you use crayons if you are a beginner. Crayons will help you to know more about the shading effects and the blending effect to be followed.

Time needed

According to our estimations, you may require approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour, in order to make your red cute little panda.

How to draw a red panda?

For drawing a panda, you just need to follow the 9 given steps. With the advent of time, you’ll learn to draw various other animals as well. But for now, take out pencils, colors and get ready!

Step1. Divide your drawing sheet into 4 equal halves i.e., 2 in the horizontal direction and 2 in the vertical direction as shown below.
As a result, you’ll get 4 parts. Now draw an inverted curve pattern, which would depict the head region of your red panda.

Step2. Join the curve endings with each other as shown in the picture. And then let them meet with one another.

Step3. Draw the ears, eyes and nose of your panda.

Step4. Add details to your red panda by marking lines on its ear region. Further, add eyebrows and mustaches to give your panda a better look!

Step5. Time to design the lower body of your panda. The body can be made by drawing two U-shaped curves as shown.

Step6. Make the bottom part of your panda. Don’t forget to make the legs along with the bottom part.

Step7. Add the tail to your bottom part. The tail must be long enough to indicate that you are drawing a panda.

Step8. Add stripes to your tail region in a horizontal pattern.

Step9. Finally, it’s time to add colors to your red panda. As the name suggests, you must choose red shades to color your panda. Take out red and mustard colors to give your panda its complete look.

Other drawing pieces that you must try

There are many ideas that you can try and model your own version of a panda. For reference, we have attached 3 pictures of cute pandas. Try to make their structures on your own. With regular practice, you’ll master the art of drawing these cute little creatures!


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