How to Draw a Raccoon?4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to Draw a Raccoon?4 min read

Activities help children discover their talents. Children love drawing and coloring. They do this while learning to read and write. We should encourage them by providing suitable activities for drawing and coloring.

Benefits of Drawing and Coloring

  • One of the biggest reasons why coloring & drawing is important for kids is to develop their hand strength. As adults, we tend to take our hand strength for granted.
  • Hand strength is important for all fine motor skills, such as handwriting. It can help improve dexterity and strengthen the muscles that control writing.
  • Your child will most likely hold a crayon when they first learn to write. Having colored pencils will help develop a proper pencil grip.
  • Creating a visual environment helps stimulate creativity in children’s minds. It can also help them develop their own ideas about shapes and colors.
  • When children are allowed to color & draw, they are free to choose and express themselves. They are also encouraged to draw and color in their own unique way.
  • There are many ways to express yourself, and drawing is one of the easiest ways to do so. It lets children express themselves without having to explain how they feel.
  • Early childhood development is still focused on developing children’s fine motor coordination skills.
  • When children are coloring & drawing, they develop fine motor coordination by focusing on the lines of their drawings. They can also learn to play tic-tac toes by coloring inside the lines of their drawings.
  • A child’s focus is a vital skill that they should learn in order to excel in their academic and professional careers. It helps us see through anything that we do.

Let’s draw a Raccoon today!

What is a Raccoon?

A raccoon is a nocturnal animal that has a ringed tail. It is one of the seven species of mammals that has a similar appearance. The North American raccoon is usually found in North America. These animals are round, fuzzy creatures with a black mask of fur covering their eyes. They can be quite menacing when approached.

Fun facts about Raccoon

  • There are a lot of raccoons to choose from.
  • They live in the US all the time and are known to hunt almost anything.
  • Some animals, such as mice and fish, seem to like to eat their food before they drink it.
  • Also, it’s believed that raccoons like to use their hands to clean their food.
  • The raccoon’s belly and tail make it look like a bandit.
  • To draw its eyes, just fill in its black crayon mask.

Materials needed to draw the Raccoon

White drawing paper – To draw and color.
Pencil – Drawing with a pencil helps, making corrections by erasing and re-drawing.
Eraser – To erase any mistakes if any.
Black Marker – After the drawing is done, black markers can be used to make the outline.
Crayons – To add color to the drawing.

Guidelines to help Kids draw

  • Making a crease is the first thing to do before drawing.
  • This is a great way to reference the steps and make them easier to follow.
  • Getting started can be a bit challenging for most children, but having a visual reference point can help you get started.
  • Having a visual reference point is very helpful for anyone who is new to drawing.
  • So, hey, if you’re going to draw a big fat line on your paper, then you need to use a ruler?
  • It’s very hard to remove and distract from a finished drawing. Instead, fold the sheet of paper in half and make a crease.

Steps to draw

  1. Make guidelines on the paper.
  2. Use the pencil to draw.
  3. Start with drawing the head.
  4. To draw the head, draw an eye shape in the middle of the paper.
  5. Draw the upside down U shapes and a circle inside the eye shape.
  6. Add the nose, mouth and small circle eyes.
  7. Draw two large ears.
  8. Add a rounded body shape with toes.
  9. Draw two arms and two belly lines.
  10. Add a large tail with curved stripes.
  11. Add a tree and sun for a background.
  12. Now draw the outline with the black marker.
  13. Let’s start coloring now.
  14. Color the body of the raccoon with ash, black and white crayons.
  15. Color the ground with light green.’ color the sky with sky – blue color.
  16. Color the tree with brown and dark-green colors.
  17. Color the sun with yellow color.


By learning to draw children will always develop their skills. So help them to try new things and ensure they enjoy it. Also allow them to develop their talents. Hope this article helped you with tips and information on drawing a raccoon.


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