How to Draw a Primary Color Wheel?3 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



How to Draw a Primary Color Wheel?3 min read

Children are often introduced to colors since their birth. This is a developmental milestone that helps them mentally identify and understand the world around them. Early identification is very important for a child’s development. It helps build a strong cognitive link between words and colors. This article will help you to understand the benefits of color identification. The activity in the article will help your child actually draw the color wheel.

Why should children know about colors?

Understanding what color is important to children. They need to know that it is not just a number or a shape, it is also not a symbol or a name for an object. Before children can begin to understand the concept of color, they need to acquire basic information pieces first. Having the patience to teach children colors can be challenging, but it’s usually easy. During the preschool years, children tend to have a natural interest in color. They can easily learn to discuss colors with their friends and family. There are many resources that can help teach children about color.

Let’s draw the Color Wheel

What is a Color Wheel?

A color wheel is a representation of all the colors. The primary colors are the three basic colors that can be traced back to the wheel. These are red, yellow, and blue. By mixing the primary colors together, you get secondary colors.

Fun-Facts about Colors

  • The scientists discovered that women have the ability to see red because of a gene that’s attached to the X chromosome.
  • Pink has been shown to suppress anger and anxiety. It is also used to create a sense of calm.
  • According to studies conducted by various marketing firms, blue is the most popular color worldwide. It is followed by purple.
  • Some people have a fear of color. Experiencing a particular color can trigger a negative effect on their daily activities.
  • Red and yellow are the main colors of fast food chains.
  • Isaac Newton created the color wheel in 1665 after he turned white light into a rainbow using a prism. He then identified seven different colors.
  • Scientists believe that red has the longest wavelength, which makes it easier for babies to develop their nervous and eye receptors.
  • 90% of a first impression is determined by how people see color in the situation. For most people, avoid neutrals and try a pop of bright color to make a first impression memorable.
  • A black and white film or photograph is harder to recall than a color image. Scientists believe it is because the brain interprets color differently.

Materials needed to draw the Color Wheel

  • White drawing paper – To draw and color.
  • Pencil – Drawing with a pencil helps, making corrections by erasing and re-drawing.
  • Eraser – To erase any mistakes if any.
  • Black Marker – After the drawing is done, black markers can be used to make the outline.
  • Ruler – To draw the guidelines.
  • Crayons – To add color to the drawing.

Steps to draw

  1. Let’s use the pencil to draw the color wheel.
  2. First, use a compass to draw a circle in the center of the paper.
  3. Mark the center of the circle and start drawing lines to divide the circle.
  4. Draw three lines and the circle is divided into six parts.
  5. Now use the black marker to draw an outline for the circle and the lines.
  6. Now let’s color it.
  7. Color the top division of the circle in yellow, then to the left color with green.
  8. Next to green, use blue. Next to blue use violet. Next to violet use red.
  9. Next to red, use orange.
  10. Now use the marker and name the side where green, blue and violet color as cool colors and the other side where red, orange and yellow are warm colors.
  11. Your color wheel is ready.


Art activities are more satisfying. Kids who create their own art develop skills better. Studies have proven that it can support children’s development and help them develop their skills. Hope this article helped you learn how to draw the color wheel.


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