How to draw Planets?3 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to draw Planets?3 min read


Our solar system includes a sun along with plenty of other objects, which further lists down a wide number of planets. These objects are known to revolve around the sun. Some are small and rocky, and a few are massive and gaseous. There is even something known as the asteroid belt – a vicinity full of tens of thousands and thousands of rocky objects. They are leftover from whilst the planets formed, 4.5 billion years ago.

In this guide, we’ll try to draw planets and explore the boundaries of the solar system where we live. Then let’s get started!

Why must you learn to draw planets?

After having a look at this super easy instruction guide, your children will simply master the exclusive world of imagination. Once they start drawing planets with their colorful rings, they’ll never forget that experience again. Tell them that they are free to draw as many circles as possible and endless objects as well. In order to feature the ovals across the center, they just need to draw them everywhere on paper. And that too, in any scale they’d like.

A lesson related to outer space is very important for children during their initial childhood stages. As it would help them to know more about the outer world. Some planets may be small and others could be distant, and a few so near up that they could actually burst off the page. Having a number of every object in space is next to impossible. But what we can do is create a range of the most popular ones and make that art piece even greater, thrilling and amazing in appearance.

Which template to pick?

If you’d like to indulge your kids and let them focus on the placement of outer planets. And most importantly, not so much on drawing perfect circles, then a circle template might be worth investing in. Many supply stores sell them or you may find them in the market also. All that you need to do is just look for one that has a wide range of sizes.


  • Template or lots of circle shapes to trace (this point is optional, you can draw the circles manually as well)
  • Black/white paper
  • Metallic Marker
  • Pencil
  • Black sharpie marker

Time needed

According to our estimation, your child may invest anywhere between 45-60 minutes. But gradually, the time span will gradually decrease with regular practice.


  1. Take a white sheet and mark 8 quarter concentric circles.
    We Have made 8 circles as we have 8 planets in our solar system.
  2. Now make 8 circles. You may also use stencils to ease your work. Make sure to draw the circles randomly.
  3. Now choose the colors as shown in the picture.
    You may have noticed some regular colors used for certain planets. That’s the standard color we observe via telescope. You may use those colors for a better picture in all.
  4. Make rings around planets as specified. For instance, we have rings around the planet Saturn!
  5. Right down the name of the planets below their pictures.
  6. At last, don’t forget to draw the sun with the help of any circular template.
    You can also use a compass for drawing the circle.
  7. Color the sun with the help of yellow color. As obvious!
  8. Right down sun under your beautiful picture.

You can also try the below picture for more fun and depiction. These cartoon planets are quite fascinating as well as super easy to make!

With regular practice, you’ll gain even more experience in drawing planets without any assistance or steps!


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