How To Draw An Octopus?6 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021
how to draw an octopus



How To Draw An Octopus?6 min read

Hey, does your kid also love an animal that has eight legs? Now you must be wondering which animal has eight legs. Yes, this beautiful creature with eight legs is known as an octopus. Most kids love to draw octopuses due to their legs and curvy shapes. Also, the octopus head looks like a gentle slope of a hill which appears to be very beautiful. Today we will teach you how to draw an octopus quickly. So grab your pencil and drawing books to learn how to draw an octopus.


Including an octopus in my series of tutorials has usually stumped kids because a particularly actual one sounded too complex. Still, one couldn’t get excited over an oval and eight straight legs either.

This man is a combination of the two and appears a little complex. However, the layout for how to add every leg is damaged down into manageable steps. By drawing the two outdoor legs first, then one in the middle, filling in the rest, college students are able to get legs that are all unfolding out, for a very lively searching octopus!

To analyze more remarkable things about these high-quality creatures, there’s an excellent documentary on Netflix referred to as “My Octopus Teacher”. It’s stunning and fascinating; be forewarned that there’s some “circle of life” footage, so preview it first to see if it’s proper for your age level. Your kid has almost reached for a tissue field whilst looking at it myself!

Materials Required

  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons

How to Draw An Octopus?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to make an octopus:

  • Start with the head shape.
  • Add two backyard legs.
  • Draw a 0.33 leg in the middle.
  • Draw two legs in the area on the right.
  • Add any other leg in the area on the left.
  • Draw two extra legs in the background.
  • Erase line, add eyes and bumps on the head.
  • Add circles on the legs and in the water.
  • Trace with marker and color.

So these were the steps that one needs to learn to make an octopus.

Why Every Kid Must Draw?

Every kid must learn how to draw an octopus as it helps them to build multiple skills:

Motor Skills

While drawing, young people beef up the small muscle tissue in their arms and fingers. In addition, they are additionally exercising the massive muscle tissues in their palms and shoulders.


 With a range of drawing/painting equipment and papers or different surfaces available, preschoolers can creatively discover the artwork system, barring issues over a particular product due to their efforts.

Cognitive Development

During early childhood, kids’ brains are shortly forming neural connectors. For example, when they draw and paint, they use many senses, which helps to “wire” the intelligence for deep thinking, such as sample recognition, symbolism, and intellectual representation. Thus, children’s drawings are clues that exhibit to us their degrees of mental development.

Planning Skills

Once they are past the scribbling stage, teens start to format what they intend to draw on the paper, where every discerns or structure must be placed, and how to depart room for the subsequent object they anticipate to draw.

Planning relates to some lifestyle competencies that teenagers want as they evolve and mature. 

Eye-Hand Coordination

Drawing offers your infant exercise in using the eyes to precise information the moves of the hands. This eye-hand coordination is again in sports, handwriting, reading, and different existence skills, such as buttoning buttons and tying shoes.

Visual Perception

Visual grasp consists of matching comparable objects, remembering visible things, noticing that objects are equal even if the sizes or shades are different, and discovering hidden objects in pictures. Drawing affords exercise in all these components and helps kids copy shapes, handwriting, and agency of mathematical problems.

Attention Span

Kids are apt to pay nearer interest and for longer intervals when they are fascinated by an activity. Having the freedom to select precisely what they choose to draw is an excessive hobby for many, especially if the workplace is free of different distractions, like tv or more than a few digital gadgets.

Healthy Emotional Release and Expression

The act of drawing for teens can advantage their thoughts and moods in quite a few particular ways. For example, they may draw a situation of a hassle in their lives, such as the adults in their lifestyles arguing, for example. Or they would possibly fill the web page with a gloomy thundercloud.


This can assist them precisely with their emotions about what has been going on in their lives. On the other hand, they may draw a magical kingdom where anyone wears a smile, and the sun shines brightly, which can serve as compelling escapism. Through their drawings, kids have events to journey word/image connections, usually pointing and naming objects they have drawn. They regularly speak with adults or friends about what they design to draw, suppose phrases in their minds while drawing, and then speak about the pics as soon as they are completed. It is also proper to ask your infant about their photo and label the objects as pointed out to you.


Without limitations, children get entry to their vivid imaginations whilst drawing. Talk with them about their pictures, and they regularly prefer to inform you of the “story” in the back of the drawing.

Unleashing imaginations in this way can be an advantage later on for innovative writing, science, technology, engineering, and even maths. 

Problem Solving

Through a drawing, teens can work through the emotional issues of each day residing and additionally practise manipulating objects on the page. Feeling greater in manipulating emotional problems is an essential advantage at all levels of drawing. Moreover, as they mature, manipulating pictures on paper is an asset to young people in mathematical wonder and different kinds of hassle solving. 

Pre-Math Skills

Drawing can provide a basis for math capabilities by constructing principles such as proportionality and symmetry, alongside influencing accepted cognitive skills. For example, sketching human figures makes teenagers focus on the variety of physique facets and precisely how they are organized.


When they draw, youngsters stretch and exercise their recollections in a few distinct ways. Sketching something new they have a look at in the room, for example, can, in reality, assist them to bear in mind it and any dialogue that happens around the object. They also attain into their reminiscences to suppose about photos or activities considered or skilled in the previous that they ought to signify through their art. Thus, as you can see, the significance of drawing in early childhood is titanic and wide-ranging. Through drawing, children can inform stories, achieve emotional health, and study a multitude of capabilities that serve them properly for the relaxation of their lives!

These are the benefits of drawing from childhood for kids.

Final Words

Every parent must invest their time and efforts to teach their kids how to draw multiple images. Learning how to draw in early-stage helps them in earning many skills which accompany them in their future life. Overall, we are here to assist you in learning multiple drawings and grabbing all perks out of them.


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