How to Draw Mona Lisa?4 min read

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How to Draw Mona Lisa?4 min read

The Mona Lisa is a portrait by Leonardo da Vinci. It was considered the best known and most visited Renaissance painting. This article will help you teach your child about world famous painting and make his/her version of the same.

Who painted the Mona Lisa painting and for whom?

Lisa del Giocondo was a Florentine model who married Francesco del Giocondo, who was a merchant of silk. This painting was reportedly commissioned for their new home.

What makes the Mona Lisa painting famous?

The Mona Lisa is a very realistic depiction of the artist’s skill in sfumato, which is an artistic technique that shows how he handled the light and shadows.

Facts about the painting – Mona Lisa

  • The Mona Lisa’s appeal is due to its many chances. There are many reasons why it has become such a fan favorite.
  • The Mona Lisa has been on display in the Louvre Museum since 2005.
  • The famous painting by Pablo Picasso is usually only seen up close.
  • She was dressed in a loose veil, dark robes, and no jewelry.
  • Mona Lisa’s mysterious appearance and identity have always puzzled art lovers.
  • Despite the various theories that attempt to explain its appeal, the painting’s most compelling argument is that it doesn’t have one particular reason.
  • The elegant and realistic depiction of the Mona Lisa is a portrait that shows Leonardo’s mastery of sfumato.
  • The delicate painting of the Veil and the tresses reveal Leonardo’s patience and his observation of the human condition. The viewer can also appreciate his restrained expression.
  • Scholars believe that the Mona Lisa’s fame was created by other factors, such as the location of its home and the number of people who visited it.
  • The Mona Lisa arrived at the Louvre through a path that originated with Francis I, who reigned over France. Once it was claimed by the people, it was secluded in French palaces.
  • The identity of the portrait’s sitter became more mysterious. Although it is widely believed that the painting depicts Lisa Gherardini, the sitter has never been identified.
  • During the Romantic era, the typical Florentine housewife was turned into a seductress.
  • Walter Pater, an English author, called her a vampire who has been dead multiple times. The mysterious nature of the painting and the various speculations surrounding it have remained unresolved.
  • During the 19th century, he was also mythologized as a genius. Although he was often regarded as a great painter, he also became a great scientist whose works prefigured contemporary inventions.

Let’s draw the Mona Lisa today!

Power of lines in drawing

There are seven elements in art that are considered the core building blocks of any piece of art. These include lines, color, form, texture, and space. Lines are defined as a point in space where its length exceeds its width. A line is a path that moves in space. It can vary in width, length, and height. Lines are often defined as a point in space where its length exceeds its width.

Fun facts about line art

  • A line can divide space, define a form, or suggest a direction. It can also create tone, texture, and length.
  • A line is a one-dimensional figure that has no width or length. It is made up of points that are extended in opposite directions.
  • In the visual arts, shape refers to an area of an artwork that’s enclosed by other shapes, such as circles and triangles.
  • One of the most crucial elements in art is the line. A line is defined by the edge of a flat or a three-dimensional shape.
  • There are many types of lines, such as thick, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. They are often very expressive and are used by artists.

Materials needed to draw the Mona Lisa

  • Deluxe Line Art Mona Lisa PDF template
  • Color Printer
  • Drawing paper
  • Glue
  • Sharpie marker, fine point
  • Sharpie marker, ultra fine point

Guidelines to help Kids draw

  • Line art is a great way to study the power and beauty of lines.
  • While gluing a picture together, try to avoid using the same sheet of paper.
  • This will make the drawing more interesting as it will blend the different colored markers and shapes.

Steps to draw

  1. We need the painting of the Mona Lisa printed.
  2. Print the painting on drawing paper.
  3. Now cut the hands and the face and paste it using the glue on the white drawing paper.
  4. Now using the sharpie marker, draw an outline for the face and hands.
  5. Try drawing the hair first.
  6. Then draw the hands or sleeves of the dress and finish the body of the dress for the painting.
  7. Use the ultra fine sharpie marker and fill the hair with lines.
  8. Now start filling the dress with another set of lines.
  9. Draw a background using the other sharpie fine point marker.
  10. Now fill in the background and finish the painting.
  11. You can also use your creativity for completing this painting.
  12. You can even color it according to your creativity.


Learning to draw benefits your child’s growth. This article should throw light into the beauty of lines in art forms. It also got rare information about the world’s famous painting Mona Lisa. Now make your own Mona Lisa.


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