How To Draw A Lizard?5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How To Draw A Lizard?5 min read

Do you and your kid love to play a prank on others? If yes, then it’s time to help your child and allow him to engage in a fun and productive activity. What do you think is our plan for today? Yes, we plan to teach you how you can make an authentic-looking lizard. Most of us are scared when we see lizards somewhere, and some kids too don’t like lizards. But when they know about this fun prank of lightning, everyone will get excited by making a real-looking lizard. So are you guys ready to learn step by step how we can make a realistic-looking lizard? To make a lizard drawing, grab your pencil and colours. Ask your child to assist you, and let us begin the step-by-step process of making a lizard.

Drawing Guide

This tutorial is designed to exhibit kids how to draw a remarkably realistic-looking lizard. The primary physique form will be decent by beginning with a long oval for the body and a quick head. Remind kids to design gently so these ovals can be effortlessly erased as soon as they are done. Lizards have an uncommon profile, with many rounded connecting physique parts, so starting with some straightforward shapes will make sure that the lizard fills the page by the time the drawing is done.

Easy Steps to Draw a Lizard

Here are some of the steps to draw a lizard

  • Draw an Outline

When drawing animals, beginning from its head and working your way in the direction of their legs is the key. So, that is precisely what we will be doing in this step. First, draw a definition of the lizard’s head on the spot of the place you favour it to be facing. For example, if you choose it dealing with closer to the left, then draw the define on the left facet of your paper.

  • Draw the head

Extend the defined strains we drew in the preceding step to shape the lizard’s head ultimately. Don’t overlook drawing a line overlapping at the backside of the head to create the lizard’s awesome pointed mouth.
Remember, each the higher lip and the decreased lip of the lizard have to be barely pointed. Use the illustration as information to assist you in structuring the lizard’s mouth shortly and easily.

  • Make a rough sketch of a body

Draw a long oval form connected to the head of the lizard to define its body. While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to draw a variety of shapes and patterns on the surface of the lizard’s pores and skin if you’re feeling a bit more artistic! Did you know that some lizards do have wonderful patterns imprinted on their skin? Avoid urgent down too tricky with your pencil when outlining. It’s vital to format with mild strokes so you can erase some needless strains from the definition later on without problems.

  • Outline a tail

To shape the lizard’s tail, draw an elongated slim form with a pointed tip rising from the backside of the lizard’s body. Bear in mind that the tail should be thick at the pinnacle and steadily get thinner and thinner.

  • Draw a right hind leg

Structure the lizard’s proper hind leg by drawing an angled line with four seen toes at the bottom. Make it positive to draw the leg in a 45-degree attitude to make it appear like the lizard is crawling. Lizards generally have five toes on every leg. But in this case, solely 4 of its toes are visible.

  • Draw a left hind leg

On the contrary, draw the hind leg by drawing a curved line with three seen toes attached to it. Since the lizard is drawn sideways, the hind leg will not be evident in its proper aspect.

  • Draw left front leg

Draw every other leg at the front of the lizard’s body. Like the hind leg we drew in the preceding step, the leg should be at a 45-degree angle. This time, however, the attitude of the leg has to be dealt with toward the right side.

  • Complete all legs

On the contrary, draw a curved triangular form above the area between the lizard’s head and its body. There’s no want to draw the fingers or the toes in this step, seeing that it’s protected by way of the physique of the lizard. Therefore it’s no longer visible. At this point, all four legs of the lizard need to be complete.

  • Draw the face

Make your lizard appear blissful by way of including the facial features. Start by drawing a curved line on each facet of the face to create the bulging eye socket—one of a lizard’s most awesome bodily points.

Right beneath the eye socket, draw a circle with every tiny circle inside to create the eye. Then, colour the wide eyes barring for the small circle inside. This creates a dramatic “sparkling eyes” effect. Lastly, draw a curved line under the roof of the lizard’s mouth. This creates a ghost of the tongue, making it appear like the lizard’s mouth is large open.

Now that we have efficiently drawn a lizard, it’s time for the section we’re most excited about, and we’re confident you are too! That is selecting the hues and colouring your drawing. Again, this is an exciting section because it approves you to hone your capacity to combine and suit a range of colours. The shade of the lizards varies from bright, vivid inexperienced to deep, chocolate brown. There are additionally lizards that have fantastic patterns and shapes imprinted on their skin; for that reason, they may additionally have greater than one colour.

So these were the steps to make lizards. When your kid knows about this idea, they will get more excited. Also, while making the lizard drawing, they are developing plenty of skills.

Final Words

Our main plan is not to teach you about lizards but to teach your kid a handful of skills. While drawing lizards, your kid will not just know fun facts about lizards, but they will also develop a sense of creativity and other motor skills. Also, when you accompany them, you get to spend some quality time with your child and what else one demands. Therefore every parent must engage their kid in some productive activities. The skills learnt in this activity is a company during the whole life of a child.


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