How to Draw a King Tut?2 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to Draw a King Tut?2 min read

Confused about who this ‘King Tut’ is? King Tut is actually short for King Tutankhamun – one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs in history. In this tutorial, your child will learn how to draw the face of this powerful and renowned king who ruled Egypt in the past. We have also provided you with an introduction to King Tutankhamun as well as some fun facts to help your child know more about this distinguished character from Egyptian and world history in general. Are you excited? Let’s get right into it!

Who was King Tutankhamun?

King Tutankhamun ruled Egypt as pharaoh for a decade before he died at the age of 19! Yes, that means King Tut was only a boy of 9 years when he became king! He reversed many of the religious reforms made by his father before him. King Tut’s tomb remained sealed for more than 3,200 years and was finally discovered intact by the British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. King Tut is most well-known for his tomb which reveals a lot about ancient Egypt.

Fun Facts about King Tutankhamun

Did you know that?

  • King Tutankhamun was originally named “Tutankhaten” which means “living image of the Aten” (a sun god).
  • King Tut was buried in a second-hand coffin!
  • King Tut became pharaoh at the age of 9!
  • He loved to hunt ostriches!

What materials are required to draw King Tutankhamun?

To draw a King Tut, you will need the following materials

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Drawing Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Crayons/Color Pencils

How long will it take to draw King Tutankhamun?

It should take kids around an hour to make this drawing!

How to draw King Tutankhamun?

When drawing anything, it is always good to use drawing guides. Guides and guidelines provide a reference point that helps while drawing. To make a guide, you will need to draw dotted lines with your pencil – horizontally and vertically.

Follow these steps in order to draw a King Tut

  1. Start by drawing the head of the pharaoh.
  2. Now begin drawing the headdress.
  3. Now draw symmetrical bottom curves.
  4. Finish the headdress with straight lines from the face to the ends of the bottom curves. Draw the facial features.
  5. Now draw the ears. Also, add lines to the top of the headdress.
  6. Add matching horizontal lines to the bottom of the headdress.
  7. Now draw a beard and fill it in with ‘X’s.
  8. To finish your drawing, add a collar.
  9. Outline your drawing and color it.

Did you enjoy this art project? We hope you’ve learned something new today!


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