How to Draw a House?2 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021
how to draw house



How to Draw a House?2 min read

Are you looking for a nice and easy drawing project to keep your child engaged? We’ve got just the thing for you! Help your child to learn how to draw a house with simple steps and elementary materials. This activity doesn’t require anything extra that you won’t already have at home. Just sit down with your child and have some fun as the both of you learn how to draw a house.

One of the first things that almost every kid learns to draw is a house. Usually, it includes putting shapes together and remembering what they see in their surroundings. It’s a more 2D version of a house. However, as your child grows, he will need to start seeing things in perspective. The step-by-step tutorial that we have for you will come in handy if you want your child to learn how to draw a more 3-dimensional house. This is a fun project and your child will enjoy doing it.

What materials will you require to draw a house?

These are the materials that you will need to draw your house:

  •   Pencil
  •   Eraser
  •   Ruler (optional)
  •   Drawing paper
  •   Black marker
  •   Crayons/color pencils

As you can see, you don’t need anything fancy to make this simple house drawing.

How long will it take to draw a house?

It could take you almost an hour to draw the house.

How to draw a house?

Follow these steps to make a house:

Step 1: Draw a rectangle.

Step 2: Add a slanted roof as well as the side of the house.

Step 3: Next, draw the dormers on the roof as well as the roofline details.

Step 4: To your roofline, add an edge.

Step 5: Now draw your chimney and the windows in the dormers.

Step 6: On the base of your house, draw a door in the center as well as windows.

Step 7: In order to add some detail to your room, draw scallop texture lines.

Step 8: Draw some bushes and even a sidewalk.

Step 9: Outline your drawing with a black marker and color it with crayons or colored pencils.

We hope you and your child had fun doing this art project! If you like, you can add some human figures beside your house to denote each family member. Put up this prized drawing in your kid’s bedroom.


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