How to Draw a Hedgehog?4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to Draw a Hedgehog?4 min read

Which is your most favourite creature? In our books, we have found that most kids love hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are adorable and beautiful creatures who are kids’ favourites. However, these dogs sleep in the day and come out only at night, so most kids don’t know the actual picture of hedgehogs. But as you know, we are here with you to help your kids in every way. So yes, you are right; today, we have another fun and productive activity for your kid. Today we will teach them how to make hedgehog drawings. Thus, ask your child to assist you and grab your pencil and colours; we are here to make a natural-looking hedgehog. Let us begin.

Fun facts about Hedgehogs

  • They are known as hedgehogs for a reason: Their identity’s ‘Hedge’ phase comes from constructing their nest’s hedges, bushes, and shrubs. The ‘hog’ phase comes from their slight snorting/ grunting sound, comparable to a pig/warthog.
  • Hedgehogs are gardeners’ friends: Hedgehogs have earned this recognition due to the fact of their ingesting habits. Not solely do they experience berries and fruit; however, the staple of their weight loss plan is made up of pests that are frequent in our returned gardens, such as beetles and caterpillars. This helps retain the fruit and greens you may additionally have developing in your gardens.
  • They are solitary creatures: Hedgehogs task out on their personal after solely 4 to seven weeks of nurturing from their mother. After that, they generally spend their entire lives by themselves, except pairing up to mate with any other hedgehog.
  • They have over 5000 spikes: Hedgehogs have around 5000 to 7000 spines on their back. These can be raised and diminished to reply to threatening situations. Each quill/ backbone lasts about a year earlier than shedding out and being replaced.
  • They exercise Hibernation: Hedgehogs can hibernate (although no longer all do), making them one of only three mammals that hibernate in the UK. The hibernating ability is that they gap themselves up and remain in a dormant country for winter.
  • They Live in a Variety of Habitats: The 17 species of hedgehogs stay throughout the globe. They are discovered in Europe, Asia, and Africa and delivered in New Zealand. Hedgehogs have variations that enable them to stay in forests, deserts, savannahs, parks, and domestic gardens. Depending on where they live, they might also nest underneath small trees or rocks or dig burrows in the soil.

How to make a Hedgehog?

Step 1
Draw the contours of a hedgehog’s head and body. The preliminary contours of the hedgehog physique are easy. Draw solely two ovals. Draw them in an accessible form; we will regulate these strains and even erase some of them in the following steps. Do no longer press difficult on the pencil whilst sketching the Hedgehog here.

Step 2
Draw the muzzle and paws. The 2nd stage is the most vital for the drawing of the Hedgehog. Try to draw strains of Hedgehog’s muzzle as precisely as possible. Draw eyes, a lengthy nose, and 4 feet. See how without problems and rapidly, the two challenging ovals are converted into a plausible Hedgehog!

Step 3
Draw the Hedgehog’s torso and ears. Gradually connect the contoured traces of the head with that of the body. It is now not hard to prolong these strains and draw them round a giant oval. You can see how it is performed in my drawing. Now you can erase more remarkable traces and draw two ears. Hedgehog will come alive from the page if you add a slight flare in its eye.

Step 4
Erase all more strains from drawing. At this step, you want to clear the drawing of a hedgehog from more pencil lines. Erase them gently with an eraser besides touching the favoured contours. After this, pay interest to the paws, ears, and different animal body components. Your drawing is nearly complete!

Step 5
Draw the Hedgehog’s needles. I’m a bit rushed and forgot about the Hedgehog’s needles. We want to draw a lot of needles again and again. How to now not make your Hedgehog without difficulty careworn for a porcupine? The needles should be tilted to the facet and now not very long.

Step 6
It is drawing a Hedgehog. Use two pencils to create tonality. Use quick mild strokes of pencil or coloured pencils. Add quite several colours to the physique to create a lot of contrast. This is it. The Hedgehog is equipped to bounce off your sheet of paper and go! It wants to accumulate a lot of mushrooms to save over the winter.

So these were the steps to make hedgehogs. If you follow all these steps, then making a hedgehog will be way more manageable for you.

Final Words

Hedgehogs are really amazing creatures that most kids love. But making a hedgehog is just a way to teach your child some artistic skills. Also, when you accompany them, they tend to learn better and more effectively. But do you know what’s the best part about drawing something with your kid- it’s the quality time and the moment you spend with your child. So not only will your kid learn something, but also they will gain a handful of other skills.


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