How to Draw a Giraffe?2 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to Draw a Giraffe?2 min read

Giraffes are super cute animals and one of the first animals that kids learn to recognize. These long-necked animals are the world’s tallest mammals! There are about nine subspecies of giraffes. In this drawing tutorial, your child will learn how to draw a giraffe’s head with easy steps. But first, let’s take a look at some fun facts about giraffes!

Giraffe fun facts

Did you know that?

  • Giraffes can stand after just half an hour of being born!
  • Giraffes are almost always standing up – even when sleeping and giving birth!
  • Giraffes in the wild can typically live up to 25 years!
  • Giraffes have LARGE tongues! A giraffe’s tongue can be about 45cm long!
  • Giraffes don’t need much sleep – just anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours will suffice!
  • Giraffes are very peaceful animals; they rarely ever fight and even if they do it usually doesn’t end in any injuries.

Now that you know these extremely cool facts about giraffes, let’s draw!

What materials will you require to draw a Giraffe?

The materials that you will need to draw a giraffe include

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons/color pencils

How long will it take to draw a Giraffe?

Drawing a giraffe should take you about 30 minutes.

How to draw a Giraffe?

Teach kids to use drawing guides. Guides help to provide a reference point while drawing. To make a guide on your drawing paper, fold your paper horizontally and vertically in half. Alternatively, you could draw horizontal and vertical dotted lines with your pencil.

This easy tutorial will teach you how to draw a giraffe’s head. To draw a giraffe head, follow these steps

Step 1: Start by drawing a large ‘U’ for the mouth.
Step 2: Now add the nostrils on the top.
Step 3: Start drawing the sides of the head of the giraffe.
Step 4: Angle in the head and start drawing the horns.
Step 5: Finish drawing the symmetrical horns of the giraffe.
Step 6: Draw two large eyes on the sides of the face.
Step 7: Add the ears of the giraffe. Also, add the neck.
Step 8: Add the patterns and patches on the giraffe. Add some details to the background too.
Step 9: Outline your giraffe with a marker and color it.

We hope that your child has learned something interesting and had fun in the process too!


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