How To Draw A French Girl?2 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



How To Draw A French Girl?2 min read

We welcome you back! Have you ever looked at cute little french girls who wear a hat, and they look stunning. I hope that you must have! But why are we talking about all this today? Yes, you are thinking right as we will discuss how you and your kids can draw a cute french girl today. For drawing the picture of a bit of a cartoonist French girl, you need an hour and a few colours. And do you know, while drawing this French girl, your child will learn a handful of skills that will assist him in their whole life? Thus, grab your pencil and colours to draw with us. But, most importantly, don’t forget to ask your child to indulge in this beautiful art.

Materials Required

So these are some of the materials that you need to use

  • Drawing Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Crayons and Pencil

Drawing Guide

An exact cool animated film drawing takes the significant small print of an object or a human being and simplifies them so that everyone can understand what they’re searching at. This tutorial suggests how to draw a younger girl, with an effortless calm animated film face, carrying some very sublime clothes. It may want to be interpreted as a French lady (hello beret and scarf?) or a fashionable little future trend designer. Either way, you can’t discover a whole lot easier to draw lovely cartoons.

Steps to Draw French Girl

Here are some of the steps to draw a French girl

  1. Start the face with a J shape.
  2. Draw the angled hat.
  3. Add the hat pinnacle and accessible face.
  4. Start the scarf and shirt.
  5. Add the sleeves and skirt.
  6. Add easy hands, legs and shoes.
  7. Finish scarf and draw hairlines.
  8. Draw a bead necklace.
  9. Trace with marker and colour.

So these were some of the easy steps to make a French girl. The drawing of French girls was easy; however, working on details was a bit difficult. But your kid has learnt both craft and motor skills.

Final Words

As we have mentioned earlier, our main agenda or our main focus is to provide overall development to your child. Therefore we bring some enjoyable and fruitful activities that help your kids kill two birds with one arrow. So kids work on their creativity skills and form a certain degree of skills that assist them during life. Also, when you work with your child in such an activity, you get to spend some quality time.


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