How to draw the Eiffel Tower?4 min read

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How to draw the Eiffel Tower?4 min read


Do you want to take a break? Do you need to occupy your children? Then give them a try, because the Eiffel Tower is a great subject for graphic arts! There are many video tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to draw the tower. Are you a complete beginner? Or more advanced? Don’t worry, there is something for all skill levels. Here we bring you a selection of the best drawing tutorials, as well as a selection of sites with coloring pages for kids and art therapy for kids.

History of Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was officially opened at the 1889 World’s Fair in London, England, which showcased cutting-edge inventions, architecture and artwork from around the world. The Eiffel Tower has had an extraordinary history. The original structure was dark red and was painted yellow in 1899. About 50 years ago the tower was covered in bronze paint.

Today the Eiffel Tower, which is painted every few years, is covered with nearly 16,000 gallons of paint. to draw an Eiffel tower, we have a simple tutorial to help them. The real tower is an intricate construction of steel beams, but this step-by-step lesson reduces all of those many elements to easy-to-draw lines that even young elementary school students can see and understand.

Materials required

  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons

Time needed

You’ll need approximately 45 minutes to draw the Eiffel Tower. Gradually, the timespan may drop with regular practice.

How to Draw the Eiffel Tower

1. Draw a straight guideline down the middle of the sheet

Lay the sheet vertically so that you can fit the entire tower on the sheet. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a straight vertical line down the middle of the page as a guide.

As the Eiffel Tower is symmetrical, it looks exactly the same on both sides of the line. Make sure there is a small space between the top and bottom of the page and the middle line so that you have room to draw the tip and legs of the tower.

2. Put a square with a triangle on the line

The top of the Eiffel Tower has an observation platform and an antenna that is shaped like a square and a triangle when you look at them from the front. Draw a square the size of a sticker at the top so that the line crosses the center. With the square drawn, place a triangle with a steep point on top for the antenna.

3. Sketch 2 horizontal rectangles perpendicular to the line for the viewing platforms

Find the midway factor of the center and make a slender horizontal rectangle that’s approximately two times the width of the square. Make the second rectangle approximately two times the duration of the primary one.

4. Make curved lines from the corners of the rectangular to the corners of the lowest triangle.

5. Draw curved traces which might be parallel to the primary ones you drew so they arrive from the middle

Start your traces approximately a 3rd of the manner down the middle manual to your tower. Draw a line on one aspect of the manual so it follows the identical curve as the road you simply drew. End the curved line so it’s approximately a 3rd of the manner in from the lowest side of the rectangle.

6. Draw a 45-degree angled lines coming down from the lowest rectangle

Start your first line in one of the backside corners of the downward rectangle, and enlarge it down far from the middle guide.

7. Add a curve to the tower’s legs to attach them

The Eiffel Tower has curved helps among the legs to preserve it sturdy. Start the curved line approximately a 3rd of the manner down the leg and make it arch up closer to the middle of the lowest rectangle.

8. Sketch horizontal lines neatly

Start from the end of the tower and paint your manner down in the direction of the legs to cut them into similarly sized rectangles.

9. Draw Criss cross lines in each rectangle of the girders


The Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, is represented in a coloring picture that at first sight seems simple but requires the utmost precision, personalize it by adding your own background: color, shadows, collages, etc., even if it is like a Complex looks piece. You can easily sketch architecture with a little practice.


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