How to draw doodles?4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021
how to draw doodles



How to draw doodles?4 min read


A doodle is nothing but a simple scribbled out piece of drawing that either depicts any abstract shape or a figurative structure. It doesn’t require any sort of deep analysis or extensive planning. You just need to know how to begin and then you are good to go! Just give your brain time to flow with thought freely. Who doesn’t like to draw? If you love drawing as well, try out doodling wherever you go. 

Materials that you need for doodling

Want to unlock your creativity? But wait a minute! Before beginning, you must note down everything that you need in order to create an amazing doodle art. Don’t worry, it does not require a lot of supplies. Just keep reading. 

  • Colored markers- Don’t miss out to add colors to your doodle art! Using colored markers will give an edge to your doodling. Furthermore, you can choose a variety of colors for different figures. 
  • Black marker for detailing- Once you are done with the sketching part, you’ll need a black pen marker for detailing the shapes and figures. This would eventually make your doodling art even better!
  • Eraser- Don’t panic if you make a lot of mistakes to your doodling in the beginning. And in that case, you’ll definitely require a good eraser to help you out. 
  • Pencil- Pencil is a must for creating the first sketch of your doodle work. We recommend you use a soft pencil with a low HB grade so that you can easily erase any changes if needed.
  • Sketch Pad- If you wish to go through your previous work from time to time, we recommend you to go for a sketch pad. It would help you to assemble all your memories in a single place.

Basic Doodles that you must know 

Looking for some basic doodle shapes to start with? We present to you a list of 12 basic shapes that you can try to transform your masterpiece. These visual shapes form the bedrock of almost every doodle you will ever create!

Doodling your name

If you are a beginner, then you must start by designing your name in the form of doodling. There are various shapes and forms that you can refer to while beginning. For your reference, go through the image attached below. Here you’ll find a list of all 26 alphabets. Once you choose your initials as well as mid characters, you’re good to go and doodle!


 Step by step tutorial  

  • Write your name with the help of a pencil. Make sure to hold the pencil very lightly and also to leave some space between the adjacent letters. 
  • Suppose your name is FLAVIA. Just begin by writing all the letters that are there in your name.
  • Once you write your name, draw unique shapes and figures all around the letters. If you are confused with what shapes to refer to, you may take help from the previous heading where we talked about drawing several easy shapes. 
  • After making a rough figure. In this step, all you need to do is take your sharpie black marker and do the detailing! Without detailing, doodling is nothing. Using a marker will give your masterpiece a better look. 
  • Now use colored markers of your choice. And start filling the spaces. You may use several markers for filling the shapes. Try to make the art piece as attractive as possible. 

Just make sure to maintain a contrast effect between the letters and the background. This way you’ll be able to read your name easily.  

Doodling pictures  

Step by step tutorial  

  • Firstly, make a rough sketch using a graphite pencil in order to get an idea about your picture.

For your reference, we have attached a sample picture of a house to get a rough idea.

  • Once you are done with the detailing part of the house, start with the marking part. 

With the help of a black marker, trace out the endings of what you just drew. This will make your picture even more perfect. 

  • Now we are just left with the coloring part. Try to make your house as colorful as possible. There is no restriction on the choice of colors. To give your picture a better look, go for the colored markers or pens.
  • You may scribble out some random shapes to add beauty to your house. Once again, refer to the previous paragraph to get a better idea about the shapes.

Finally, Your doodle is ready to outshine!


Doodling acts as a stress buster during a boring class or any stressful situation. Not only does it help you to find your passion, but it also triggers your passion to rise. Till the time you stay calm and relaxed, let your hand do the thinking! Following this guide, you’ll end up having a piece of original, funny and gorgeous doodle drawing.  

If you wish to try something unique and are short on inspiration, just draw what’s around you! It might seem to be a little difficult. But believe us, it’s not! All you need to do is just stare at one point and try to copy it on your paper.



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