How to Draw a Donut?2 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



How to Draw a Donut?2 min read

Whether you spell them as “donuts” or “doughnuts”, who doesn’t love these heavenly rings of dough, right? They’re sweet, they’re delicious, they’re pretty and they melt in your mouth! Mmm… our mouths are watering just thinking about these humble sweet treats. We have a super easy step-by-step tutorial to help your child to learn how to draw a donut that looks both pretty and yummy!

Donut fun facts

Here are some fun facts about donuts before we begin to draw one

  • The French used to call their donuts – “Nun’s Farts” (pets de nonne)!
  • Over 10 billion doughnuts are made in the US each year!
  • The largest donut ever made weighed about 1.7 tons. It was made of jelly in New York on 1 January 1993.
  • The story goes that the hole in the center of donuts was invented by Hanson Crockett Gregory out at sea.

What materials will you require to draw a Donut?

The materials that you will need to draw a donut include

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons/color pencils

How long will it take to draw a Donut?

Drawing a donut should take you about 35 minutes.

How to draw a Donut?

Teach kids to use drawing guides. Guides help to provide a reference point while drawing. To make a guide on your drawing paper, fold your paper horizontally and vertically in half. Alternatively, you could draw horizontal and vertical dotted lines with your pencil.

To draw a doughnut, follow these steps

Step 1: First draw the left half of a circle.
Step 2: Complete your donut circle by drawing the right side too.
Step 3: Now draw the top half of the center hole.
Step 4: Draw the bottom half of the center circle hole.
Step 5: Now move on to drawing the inside frosting line.
Step 6: Also add the outside frosting line.
Step 7: Erase your initial donut line.
Step 8: You can now decorate your donut any way you like. For instance, you could add lots of sprinkles.
Step 9: Outline your donut with a marker and make it colorful!

Yummy! Your donut is ready!


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