How to Draw a Dinosaur?4 min read

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How to Draw a Dinosaur?4 min read

Almost everyone in the world goes through a phase where they are fascinated by dinosaurs. This usually occurs when kids are around six or seven, and they start to learn about the world around them. This is because they can absorb so much information about these ancient creatures. When it comes to choosing a toy or book for your child, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the basic structure of a dinosaur. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a long neck dinosaur with a sturdy back and solid legs. It’s got a bit of a classic dinosaur shape.

Benefits of drawing & coloring

  • This activity provides children with the opportunity to develop fine motor skills and academic concepts.
  • It also helps them establish their concentration and practice.
  • Fine motor skills are those which involve the use of various movements of the hands and fingers.
  • They are often used when performing specific tasks.
  • Playing with writing implements is a great way to improve your child’s fine motor skills.
  • Having children draw specific objects can help them visualize everyday spaces.
  • Encourage them to draw pictures of big and small objects, as well as rough and near ones.
  • Aside from fine motor skills, drawing helps children develop eye-hand coordination. This is especially important in sports and recreational situations.
  • Your child may not yet understand the concepts of distance and size comparison, but drawing provides the perfect opportunity to develop these skills in a deliberate manner.
  • Creating physical representations of your child’s thoughts and feelings helps build confidence.
  • Drawing can help build self-esteem and confidence. It will also make him or her feel more inspired and motivated.
  • Creative drawing helps children develop critical thinking and creativity.
  • Creating a specific drawing task can help your child develop problem-solving skills.

Let’s draw a Dinosaur today!

What is a Dinosaur?

A lot of people call them dinosaurs, which first appeared about 245 million years ago. They live in large reptiles that are very large. About 66 million years ago, most of the dinosaurs died out before the end of the Cretaceous Period.

Fun facts about Dinosaur

  • The term dinosaur comes from the Greek words for the phrase deino and ros.
  • In 1842, Richard Owen proposed the term Dinosauria to refer to the extinct animals that were once massive.
  • Although they were large and terrestrial, these prehistoric beasts had five vertebrae in their hips, which were big enough to accommodate the weight of their bodies.
  • Also, unlike today’s crocodiles and ichthyosaurs, dinosaurs didn’t have joint plates.

Materials needed to draw the Dinosaur

White drawing paper – To draw and color.
Pencil – Drawing with a pencil helps, making corrections by erasing and re-drawing.
Eraser – To erase any mistakes if any.
Black Marker – After the drawing is done, black markers can be used to make the outline.
Crayons – To add color to the drawing.

Guidelines to help Kids draw

  • The dashed lines are the center lines of the steps. These lines should be centered on the paper before drawing.
  • The curve for the neck and body follows the same path as the top left box. This means that the neck and body follow the same path as the top left box.
  • It’s important to make the dinosaur’s shape long enough to fit in the paper and make it look like a full circle.
  • Having a visual reference point is very helpful for anyone who is new to drawing.
  • It’s not that they need to draw a fat line down the center of the paper, just that they should use a ruler to do so.
  • You do not need to fold the paper in half to make a crease. Instead, simply unfold and draw.

Steps to draw

  1. Make guidelines on the paper.
  2. Use the pencil to draw.
  3. Let’s draw the body.
  4. Draw a curve line with a hump in the middle.
  5. Take a look at the picture and draw the bottom line to make the body.
  6. Extend towards the up and make the head and the neck of the dinosaur.
  7. Extend the other end to make the tail.
  8. Now draw the lines like that of the elephant.
  9. And finally, draw the spikes on the body.
  10. Now draw the ground and mountains.
  11. Draw an outline with the black marker.
  12. Let’s start coloring now.
  13. Color the ground and the mountains with brown color.
  14. Color the dinosaur in dark green and light green.
  15. Color the sky in sky-blue color.


By learning to draw children will always develop their skills. So help them to try new things and ensure they enjoy them. Also, allow them to develop their talents. Hope this article helped you with tips and information on drawing a dinosaur.


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