How to Draw a Coffee Cup?3 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021
how to draw coffee cup



How to Draw a Coffee Cup?3 min read

Who doesn’t love a nice hot cup of strong coffee in the morning to wake you out of your drowsiness and get you ready for the day? Coffee lovers will definitely agree! While your parents may love your two cups of coffee a day, we sure hope your kids don’t! Please make sure that you are keeping your children far away from coffee, especially if they are under 13 years of age! Too much caffeine is anyway not good for any human being, but coffee can seriously affect young children negatively. Before we get into our drawing tutorial, let’s take a look at how coffee can affect children.

How do coffee and caffeine affect kids?

Coffee contains caffeine which has been widely defined as a drug because of how it stimulates a human being’s central nervous system. Because kids are literally mini humans, coffee and caffeine can affect them just as much if not more even if it’s just a smaller dose. Caffeine can cause nervousness, an upset stomach, headaches, sleeping issues, faster heart rate, higher blood pressure, increased anxiety, jitters and nervousness among other problems. While these issues can occur in both adults and kids, it doesn’t take a lot of caffeine to produce these effects in young children.

Phew! That was a bit heavy for an art article! Well, at least now you know how important it is for your kids to stay away from coffee, at least till they reach a certain age.

Now that we have talked about the heavy stuff, let’s move on to the fun stuff! While your kids may not be allowed to drink coffee, they can certainly draw a coffee cup on paper! So, who is excited to get started with this fun art project? Let’s get going!

What materials will you need to draw a coffee cup?

To draw a coffee cup, you will need the following materials:

  •   Pencil
  •   Drawing paper
  •   Eraser
  •   Black marker/sketch pen
  •   Crayons/color pencils

How long will it take you to draw a coffee cup?

It should take your child and you around 30-35 minutes to draw your respective coffee cups!

How to draw a coffee cup?

We’re finally here! Divide your paper in half both horizontally as well as vertically. This will give you a grid for reference when you draw.

Here is a step-by-step easy tutorial for how to draw a cute coffee cup:

Step 1: Draw a half oval.

Step 2: Next, join that half oval with another half oval.

Step 3: Now from the first oval you drew, draw the right side of your cup.

Step 4: Similar to step 2, add the left side too.

Step 5: Draw a very simple handle.

Step 6: For the saucer plate of your coffee cup, draw a simple oval.

Step 7: Complete your saucer plate by adding a rim. Also, draw a table line in the background.

Step 8: Outline your coffee cup with a black marker or sketch pen or colored pencils.

Step 9: Now fill in your background with light and bright colors too.

We hope you and your kids enjoyed drawing this easy coffee cup with us! We hope this doesn’t make them ask you for a sip from your cup next time they see you drinking coffee!


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