How to draw a chair?3 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 24, 2021



How to draw a chair?3 min read


If your little ones enjoy drawing homes and what goes in them, then there comes a huge possibility of them finding careers as future architects or furniture designers.

There are several job roles which may fascinate them and it may include researching new furniture designs, improving existing ones, preparing sketches of ideas, and whatnot! To make their ideas turn into reality, drawing can play a major role as such and can help them to start that line of work.

With the help of this chair tutorial, they’ll learn many different aspects of their roll calls. It is indeed a very basic one with a simple seat and back and four round legs. Although its format may help them to start something fresh and new. They can decorate their wooden stuff as they wish. Apart from this, they can also finish one in the style of their favorite artist. There are many possibilities for which they can opt.

Materials that you may require

  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons

Time needed

According to our estimations, your child may require approximately 25 to 40 minutes in order to draw a chair. Gradually, the timespan will lessen down with regular practice.

How to make a chair

Step 1: Firstly you need to draw a quadrilateral as depicted below.
All that you need to do is just extend a small line from both sides and double the lower line. As a result, it will form the platform of the chair.

Step 2: You may observe 3 joints as such. From these 3 joints, draw small vertical lines along with them. After this, draw 2 baselines attached to their ends.

Step3: After following the previous step, now you need to draw 3 vertical lines from the center joint of the table. Draw 2 horizontal lines below these 3 lines.

Step 4: Now using the same technique that you used for the first leg, you need to draw the second leg of the table. Just take care of the fact that you need to draw this on the very right side of the joint.

Step 5: Further what you need to do is on the left corner, draw an outer curved line followed by 3 lines. These 3 lines must be parallel to each other.
After this, draw 2 small lines on the top and bottom of both sides.

Step 6: Next step is to draw 2 parallel lines on the back of the chair overlapping the base.
Just erase the lines which are overlapping with one another. You need to draw one more parallel line to the first drawn line.

Step 7: Draw 3 horizontal lines in between 2 legs of chairs again enclosed with small lines.

Step 8: Draw a headstand or back stand on the top of the chair.
Once you do this, draw a rectangular shape on the top and follow with other horizontal lines on the side of it. Draw a horizontal line below the headstand after this.

Step 9: You are almost done with your chair work! Now in the center of the chair back you need to draw 3 parallel horizontal lines. These lines will work as the support for the chair back.

Step 10: Color your beautiful chair with brown color and use grey for the seating area.


In general, the person who’ll sit on the chair is symbolized by the role and responsibilities of that person.
If you are looking to draw your own variety of chairs, then all you need to do is simply follow the given steps!


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