How to Draw a Birthday Cake?3 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021
how to draw birthday cake



How to Draw a Birthday Cake?3 min read

Birthdays are probably a kid’s favorite day ever! It’s the day they get to dress up, eat cake and other yummy foods, celebrate with friends and family and most importantly, get gifts! Help your child to learn how to draw a delicious looking birthday cake with us through an easy step-by-step tutorial that we have. Whether you want to make a birthday card, a school project, a poster or even just a fun art project with your kids, this is the guide to follow.

But before we do anything else, we have some cool birthday cake trivia for you!

Fun birthday cake trivia

  •   The first ever birthday cakes have supposedly come from Germany. But they weren’t like the yummy cream-filled, icing-coated, fondant-covered cakes we know today; they were much more like bread and quite rough in texture!
  •   One of the biggest birthday cakes ever made was literally almost as heavy as an elephant!
  •   Many people believe that putting candles on birthday cakes came from the Greeks, who used to offer moon-shaped cakes to the moon goddess and light candles to make the cakes glow.

Did you know any of these interesting birthday cake facts?

Let’s start drawing!

What materials will you need to draw a birthday cake?

To make your birthday cake, you will need:

  •   Pencil
  •   Eraser
  •   Drawing paper
  •   Crayons/color pencils
  •   Black marker

How long will it take to draw a birthday cake?

It might take you about 45 minutes to make a seriously mouthwatering and delicious looking birthday cake!

How to draw a birthday cake?

The really amazing part about learning how to draw a birthday cake is that your kids can be the ones to decide exactly what details they want to add to it and how they want it to look. In the tutorial that we have, your kids will learn how to draw a three-layered birthday cake. Drawing this stacked cake will help them to understand how to draw forms.

Don’t forget to divide your paper into four by horizontally and vertically folding it in half. This will make it easier to draw as you’ll have a reference point.

Without any further ado, follow these easy steps given below to draw a really awesome birthday cake!

Step 1: For your first and bottommost layer, draw a tube.

Step 2: On top of this, to make your middle layer, draw another smaller tube.

Step 3: Add the topmost layer now by drawing the smallest tube right on top.

Step 4: Start drawing the dripping frosting of your bottom most layer.

Step 5: Draw some drippy frosting for the next layer.

Step 6: Now add the last drippy edge of the frosting.

Step 7: Draw the candles for your birthday cake on top.

Step 8: Add whatever details you want to your cake. You could draw cherries, candies, different toffees and so on. Also, add a plate at the bottom.

Step 9: Outline your birthday cake with a black marker and color it with bright colors!

Does this little art project make your kids hungry for birthday cake just like us?


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