How to Draw a Bike?4 min read

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How to Draw a Bike?4 min read

Karl von Drais of Germany created the first steerable two-wheeled vehicle in 1817. He was referred to as the father of the bicycle due to his early creation. Bicycles are not that complicated, but remembering what they are and what they do can become difficult. For instance, if you don’t have a bike in front of you, remembering what it does can be difficult. It has sturdy wheels and handlebars, and it could be customized with vibrant colors and racing stripes. In this article, you will learn how to draw a simple bicycle using a basic motor.

Want to know how drawing helps your child?

  • Having children draw specific objects can help them visualize everyday spaces. Encourage them to draw pictures of big and small objects, as well as rough and near ones.
  • This activity provides children with the opportunity to develop fine motor skills and academic concepts. It also helps them establish their concentration and practice.
  • Aside from fine motor skills, drawing helps children develop eye-hand coordination. This is especially important in sports and recreational situations.
  • Creating physical representations of your child’s thoughts and feelings helps build confidence.
  • Drawing can help build self-esteem and confidence. It will also make him or her feel more inspired and motivated.
  • Creative drawing helps children develop critical thinking and creativity.
  • Creating a specific drawing task can help your child develop problem-solving skills.

Let’s draw a Bike today!

What is a Bike?

A bicycle is also called a bike. It is a type of motor-powered vehicle that has two wheels and is equipped with a frame. A bicycle rider is referred to as a cyclist. A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that’s powered by a pedal. Its rider can propel it by holding on to the front wheel.

Fun facts of a Bike

  • The first wooden two-seater bike was almost entirely made out of wood.
  • Its popularity quickly disappeared once the number of accidents increased.
    In 2015, the University of South Australia and Santos created the world’s first self-propelled electric motorcycle.
  • In a world where bikes are constantly moving, they can still stay upright even when they’re not moving.
  • A study conducted in 2014 revealed that people who ride bikes have a unique personality trait that’s associated with intelligence and generosity.
  • On a bicycle, you can reach a speed of 3 times faster than you can walk.

Materials needed to draw the Bike

White drawing paper – To draw and color.

Pencil – Drawing with a pencil helps, making corrections by erasing and re-drawing.

Eraser – To erase any mistakes if any.

Black Marker – After the drawing is done, black markers can be used to make the outline.

Crayons – To add color to the drawing.

Guidelines to help Kids draw

  • Getting students started with guides is the best way to start a lesson. They can easily follow the directions in these tutorials by making their own centered lines.
  • This site has a dashed line running through each step. It makes it easier to follow and reference.
  • In this tutorial, we’re going to focus on the two circles for the wheels, and get them to scale so that they can be arranged in the same place.
  • Having a visual reference point is very helpful for anyone who is new to drawing.
  • So, instead of having to draw a big fat line, how about just folding the paper in half? That makes a crease on the paper.

Steps to draw

  1. Make guidelines on the paper.
  2. Use the pencil to draw.
  3. Let’s start drawing the wheels.
  4. To draw the wheels, draw a circle for the front wheel and rear wheel.
  5. Now draw smaller circles in the center of each wheel.
  6. Draw the fender for the front of the bike and the back wheel.
  7. Add the wheel center and oval shape that holds the bike’s chain.
  8. Now let’s start drawing the bike bars.
  9. Draw the foot pedal, bike seat and bar.
  10. Add handles and reflectors for a complete bike drawing.
  11. Now use the black marker to make the outline of the bike.
  12. Let’s start coloring now.
  13. Use the black crayons to color the handles, seat and wheel.
  14. Color the body of the cycle in red.
  15. Color the ground in green and the background in sky-blue.


Hope this article helped you to know more about bikes. Also helped you with ideas to help your child draw a good bike and color it. Always remember to enhance the drawing skills of your child through such activities.


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