DIY PUPPETS!4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021



DIY PUPPETS!4 min read

Puppets! Who doesn’t love puppets, especially when they’re made at home! If your kid loves puppets and you adore puppet crafts, then we have some good news for you. Gather your stationery supplies and your kids because we have the cutest activities for the whole family to do! There are a variety of adorable puppets that you and your kids can make together and have a lot of fun with too. Check out some of our favorite DIY puppets and try making them today!

12 Awesome DIY puppets you can make with your kids:

  • Paper Bag Puppets

Yes, paper bag puppets! Does that surprise you? There are so many adorable puppets that you can make with paper bags. You can make a squirrel, a dog, a frog, or even a raccoon puppet. All you’ll require is a brown paper lunch bag, scissors, glue, some googly eyes or buttons, colored sheets and whatever else you and your kid want to decorate your puppet with!

  • Shadow Puppets

Shadow theatre is a really ancient form of entertainment that is extremely beneficial to child development. You can make shadow puppets with your child that will not only be really entertaining but also super cool! Even infants as young as three months old will get attracted by shadow puppetry because of its high-contrast figures. Pick characters out of children’s storybooks like the three little pigs and create a mini shadow theatre at home.

  • Sock Puppets

If you and your child enjoy sewing then sock puppets are the way to go. Even if your child doesn’t know how to sew, making sock puppets is a great way to teach him/her a new skill. Make some cute monster sock puppets with googly eyes and button noses. You could also make a dragon sock puppet! The possibilities are endless.

  • Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are another great idea for your kid. They’re tiny, cute and enjoyable to make as well as to play with. Make some minion finger puppets or any other Disney/Pixar characters that your child loves. Decorate your finger puppets with some glitter and other bedazzlements to make them look extremely pretty.

  • Stick Puppets

Craft sticks can be used for just about anything. So why not make some farm animal puppets with them? Horses, pigs, cows, chickens and much more – use your craft sticks to make all the farm animals you can think of! Craft sticks are extremely inexpensive and one of the best materials to make puppets.

  • Hand Puppets

Turn your hand into a beautiful butterfly by making a butterfly hand puppet! You can either sew hand puppets, or stick some beads on them, or even drench them in paint. Make a monster glove, or a shark mitten – let your imagination take charge of whatever you create. Your child will enjoy doing this with you.

  • Popsicle Stick Puppets

Ice-cream sticks are yet another great material to make puppets. You can paint them, draw on them, and even stick some paper cutouts on them. Make some angry bird popsicle stick puppets and let your child have a nice play session with his friends. The cutest thing about popsicle stick puppets is that you could also use them as bookmarks! Two-in-one!!

  • Plate Puppets

Turn your simple paper plates into awesome puppets! Use everything possible – wool, yarn, cotton, paint, glitter, buttons, googly eyes, ribbons, colored paper – literally anything to make these plate puppets that your kid will really love. Super easy and super fun, what more does a kid want?

  • Envelope Puppets

That’s right, envelope puppets! Bet you never thought of that! Turn your office and craft supplies into puppets for your kids. You can doodle and draw on your envelopes and turn them into something super fun for everyone.

  • Finger Leg Puppets

Let your child bring his creativity to the forefront and come up with amazing ideas for your finger leg puppets! Let your kids design their own finger leg puppets while you just follow their instructions and go along! Their fingers can either be the arms or the legs – or both! Finger leg puppets are extremely easy and enjoyable to make.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

You don’t need to throw out your toilet paper rolls anymore! You can simply turn them into puppets! Gather your colored papers, colors, pens, paints, glitter, stickers, buttons, glue, and scissors together and get started. Teach your child to recycle waste materials and turn them into something more useful and fun.

  • Paper Cup Puppets

Paper cup puppets are another incredible idea. Recycle your paper cups at home by turning them into cute puppets for your kids. You can make so many different puppets with paper cups – even a Chinese dragon! Your kids will really love working on this project with you.

After you’ve made all the puppets you and your kids like, it’s time to put these cute puppets to work. you can build a mini puppet theatre with your children and sit back and watch the show!


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