7 Paper Crafts for Kids5 min read

Activities for Kids Sep 26, 2021
7 Paper craft for kids


7 Paper Crafts for Kids5 min read

As your children are growing up, harboring creativity and imagination amongst them is of the most important element needed. This ensures that they are able to express themselves, learn, adapt, and also pick up new activities.

And briefing about one such creative activity that kids love to indulge in is the easy construction of papercrafts. The wide range of ideas available in this category is quite mind boggling. Not only this, but it also opens up a new world for the kids to be able to do and build anything they want.

You need not worry about the construction paper material. It is easily available at your nearest craft stores or you can find it online with no issues as it is regarded as a basic craft supply. Giving your child such exposure to craft ideas can give rise to multiple other activities and also help your little ones to push the boundaries of their creativity and motor skills.

7 Incredible paper craft ideas for your little ones

Wanting your kids to enhance their creativity and to provide them with a medium to be able to express themselves is a great thing to acknowledge. However, involving construction paper ideas that are suited for age-appropriate crafts can turn out to be a little tricky. In terms of mental development, paper craft-making helps to improve motor skills, relax, and is also regarded as a stress buster.

To help you out with such amazing ideas, we have gathered a list of 7 incredible paper craft ideas for your ideas. You just need to scroll down and discover magical ways of turning paper into something amazing that boosts your kid’s self-esteem and self-expression of their inborn creativity!

  • 3D Paper hearts

Get your kids ready to hold their creativity and stick these 3D hearts to decorate their rooms!

For this idea, you’ll need colored paper as well as scissors. Now start with drawing hearts on a piece of glazed paper (colored papers) and cut these hearts out with the help of scissors. The next step involves holding them back by pinching them and securing them tightly. And you are ready to go! Stick these 3D hearts on the walls either with the help of double sided tapes or glue.

  • Bookmarks for fun!

Following this tutorial, you’ll get to know the basics of making some fairly easy and pretty bookmarks for your kids.

For this idea, you’ll need colored paper, glue, googly eyes and some ribbons. Now start with making a template by drawing 3 squares in an L-shaped way as shown in the picture. The next step involves using this template made on colored paper. Once you do this, fold the top triangular pieces inwards. Now use glue to stick its edges and craft out monster bookmarks by attaching a ribbon and sticking googly eyes along with white teeth to it.

  • Butterfly papercraft

This category of papercraft can transform the décor of your kid’s room up to a great extent.

For this, you’ll need bright colored sheets of paper. To begin with, fold the colored papers in both directions, and then pinch the corners inwards. Make sure not to pull too hard while folding the paper. For the final step, just pull the lower triangle to the top and turn it over along the fold’s center. Also, you can staple the upper triangular flap rigidly to get secured in its place.

  • Quilling papercraft

Quilling is such an art where you can roll the strips of paper and glue them to create beautiful art. Not only this, but you can also shape them as tight, loose coils, teardrop shapes, tulips, etc.

For this activity, you’ll need a toothpick, strips of colorful paper and glue. Beginning with,  just roll a strip of paper tightly with the help of a toothpick. Now the next step involves pulling the center of the rolled coil and gluing them in place. The final step involves using a light touch while sticking the strips with paper quilling to create amazing designs.

  • Birthday cap paperwork

Such birthday caps can be easily prepared with readily available material.

For this activity, you’ll need patterned papers, glue, scissors, staplers and pom pom. Now beginning, you need to cut the patterned paper in the shape of a cone. Now just trim the edges and staple them correctly so that the cone shape stays in place. Make sure to be correct with your measurements so that it stays on the head. Further, you can also decorate them with pompoms on the tip of the cone as shown in the picture.

  • Paper birds

Papercraft birds are easy to make and play with. Then let’s get started!

For this activity, you’ll need chart paper (black and yellow), a glue stick and googly eyes. Now coming to the process, just cut the chart paper in the shapes shown above with the help of glue as shown in the picture. Draft the beak and tail accordingly. Once you are done with this, stick the googly eyes to it.

  • Paper lamp crafts

Lamps have been pretty common since olden times. You can shape these lamps with the help of simple material.

For this activity, you’ll need colored paper, a pencil, scale and scissors. Now what you need to do is to fold a bright-colored sheet in half and draw perpendicular lines on it. Now you need to cut into strips of colored paper. To finish the final make of the lantern, turn the base and the top band around. Don’t forget to staple it to secure it in place.


Empowering your children’s creative and cognitive skills is very important and the easiest way to do so is by encouraging them to try their hand at the craft. It can prove to be a brilliant method of allowing them to think creatively and using craft material that is easy to create as well as easy to use. But just to be more cautious and to avoid any kind of mishap, you must make sure to be around your kids while they handle scissors and paper cutters. The best way to guide your children is by encouraging them to use plastic scissors instead of the normal ones that we use. And also to use rulers to cut paper shapes to avoid accidents. Try to make this activity full of fun and adventurous for your little ones so that they’ll be able to look forward to these sessions in the future and stay connected with even more zeal and enthusiasm!

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