DIY Graphing Activities for Young Learners2 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 29, 2021
DIY Graphing Activities for Young Learners



DIY Graphing Activities for Young Learners2 min read

One of the best parts about homeschooling is that you can include as many hands-on activities as you want to.

You don’t need to restrict your lessons to workbooks and copy work.

However, while many parents love to get creative with hands-on activities, others are intimidated by the thought of including them.

If you are that parent who worries about how you’ll come up with any fun hands-on activities, or how much it might cost to put them together, or whether you’d be able to even fit more than one thing in your homeschool day, we have one thing to say to you: breathe!

Hands-on activities do not need to be scary, expensive or elaborate. In fact, they’re the opposite! They should be fun, interesting, inexpensive and not at all time-consuming. Hands-on activities are super helpful for children to learn in a different way.

Since you’re here, why not take a look at this super fun and do-it-yourself graphing activity?

Not only is it free, but it’s also fully customizable and doesn’t take much time to put together or complete!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out!

Graphing activities for young learners

There are two versions of graphs that you’ll find online – a numbered graph and a blank graph. Choose the graph that suits your needs best and prints it out.

To help you create your graphing activity, we have a few ideas listed below (you can also come up with your own list)

Make a handmade die before getting started.

Make your child roll the die and color in the graph as per the instructions provided by you. The activity will end when one column reaches the top of the board.

Here are a few concepts that you can discuss with your learner in order to extend the graphing activities:

· Least/most
· Equal
· Addition
· How many more/less
· How many altogether
· Greater than, lesser than

Other ways that you could use your graph printables are

  • Grammar

Punctuation – add punctuation marks to a die/board. Say a sentence out loud and have your child color a square for the correct punctuation.

Parts of speech – write a part of speech on the die/board and have your kid name a word before they color a square.

  • Science

Animal families – ask your child to match animals with their mothers and/or animals with animal baby names.

Animal sounds – your kid will have to match the animals with their respective sounds.

Animal habitats – kids will have to match animals with their respective habitats.

  • Geography

States and their capitals

  • Phonics

Rhyming words
Uppercase and lowercase letters
Long and short vowels

  • Math

Identifying numbers – your kid will need to match numerals, number words.
Matching colors to color names.

We hope your child has a lot of fun learning with these DIY hands-on graphing activities.


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