13 DIY Bird Feeders for Kids5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021



13 DIY Bird Feeders for Kids5 min read

Are your kids fascinated by birds? Do you get a lot of visitor birds from time to time? Why don’t you and your kids make some bird feeders for them! Getting your kids involved with nature is never ever a bad idea. We have a few DIY bird feeders for you and your child to make. This is a really fun activity and we’re sure that your kids will be absolutely delighted to see different birds visiting your bird feeders regularly.

But before we dive into the different bird feeders that you can make, let us understand the purpose and importance of bird feeders and what kind of bird food you can place in your bird feeders.

What are the advantages of bird feeders?

Bird feeders are seriously beneficial to birds. They help to provide birds with an unlimited, uninterrupted supply of food. There has been a lot of decline in forest areas, green spaces and natural water bodies in the past few years. Having bird feeders outside your house is like providing these little birds with a reliable and constant source and supply of food all year long. When birds have a timely feed, their health will increase. Also, for birds that migrate, having bird feeders along their route will help to keep them energized to complete their journey forward. In months like the winter, bird feeders act almost like an oasis of food for these feathery creatures. Making and managing bird feeders is also a great way to help your family and you to be connected with nature and do your bit in whatever way you can.

What bird food can you place into your bird feeders?

Although you can do a little research and find out what kind of birds are native to your area and what they typically feed on, there are some grains and food that are pretty common for birds. Sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, corn, cracked corn, sunflower kernels, peanuts, millets, mealworms, fruits, and bird food mix are some things that you can fill your bird feeders with.

Here are 13 DIY Super Cute Bird Feeders for Kids!


Egg Carton Bird Feeder

Such a brilliant way to upcycle your egg cartons instead of chucking them in the bin! You can encourage your kids to do some research on the local birds around your area, and which birds eat what type of seeds. Then, fill your egg holes with those particular seeds – each hole for a different seed!


Tin Can Bird Feeder

Tin can bird feeders are amazing because they look so pretty when you hang them up and it’s such an innovative way to recycle old tin cans. You can even paint them on the outside with really bright colors and they’re perfect for springtime!


Clay Birdhouse

Make a clay birdhouse that birds can eat out of! All you’ll need is some clay and a balloon! It’s a super simple activity that won’t take you long at all.


Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Take your humble popsicle sticks and make a really gorgeous bird feeder. You can paint it too when you’re done. Hang it up with a string and let the birds come.


Paint Can Bird Feeder

Paint can bird feeders are extremely simple to make! Your kid will have loads of fun making these with you. These bird feeders will also bring beautiful pops of color in spring.


Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder out of classic toilet paper rolls is such a great way to recycle waste! Your child will not only make something for his feathery friends but will also help you to manage waste.


Stick Bird Feeder

Ask your kids to gather some branches and sticks lying around in your neighborhood and get to work. this bird feeder is a really great idea if you want something humble for the birds. Your kids will have to put in some effort to make this, but we guarantee that it is very much worth it.


Teacup Bird Feeder

A teacup bird feeder is literally the cutest thing ever! You will need a mug, saucer, chain, super glue and paint. Your kids can paint the mug and saucer however they want and personalize it for their feathery friends.


Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Another classic idea, milk carton bird feeders are one of the best out there. Your child can paint it or even decorate it with bits and pieces of colored paper to make it look really pretty.


Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

This is a useful way to reuse plastic. Plastic bottle bird feeders can also hold a lot more grain and seed than other bird feeders. You can paint them on the outside and make them perfect and ready for the birds in your area to come and have a feast.


Burlap DIY Bird Feeder

To make this one, you will only need 2 liter bottles, some squares of burlap, glue, string, two sticks, a paintbrush to paint your glue and birdseed. This is easy and fun to do with your kids and a great bonding activity too.


Stuffed Orange Peel Bird Feeder

Don’t worry if you don’t have oranges at home. You can do this activity with a variety of fruits or veggies as your base bowl like melons, squash and so on. Very easy and very nature-friendly, you definitely need to try this out with your kid.


Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone bird feeders have such a natural look to them. They also look like little Christmas ornaments when you hang them up outside. These are beautiful and a great idea for a unique bird feeder.


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