How To Write In Cursive?4 min read

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How To Write In Cursive?4 min read

You can make anything by writing. Your handwriting determines what kind of a person you are. Since childhood, we have been pushed hard to adapt to such an easily understood script, neat and clean. But as beginners, it becomes very challenging to teach kids the best way to learn and write. Unlike prints where you can take a break between each letter, cursive connects letters that nail down individual characters first and enhance the beauty of the textual description.

It is believed that writing in cursive tends to increase writing speed and accuracy. In almost every writing style, all the letters in a word are connected; there are many times when it makes the words occur as a complex stroke and other times just a normal one. Let your kid get the best beat and begin his calligraphic journey with you!

Basic Tips and Tricks

Writing in cursive is a good skill if you’d like your kid to handwrite a letter, any school project paper, or anything else. Start by improving your kid’s writing skills by making adjustments. You can then make them practice lowercase and uppercase letters in cursive, working through the alphabet. They also perfect their technique by practicing once a day and challenging themselves to write long sentences or paragraphs in cursive.

Level of Difficulty

Everything seems complicated until and unless you strive for excellence. It may seem very hectic to ink, but in reality, it only involves a few basic strokes. But the funny thing with the cursive styling is that you hardly ever have to lift your pen off the paper!

Things You’ll Need

Gather some pens, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. If your kid has just begun writing, let them register with the pencil only. If they know writing and have used pens before, it is advisable to go on with ballpoint pens. You can always sketch out the letters using a pencil first to make them feel more comfortable. Then you can give them the pencil lines with your pen. When it comes to uppercase letters, the pencil is more recommended beforehand.

Benefits of Writing in Cursive

There are many benefits when it comes to learning how to write in cursive. Some of them are as follows:

  • Increased Writing Abilities
  • Improve Memory
  • A reliable solution for study-related disorders like dyslexia is writing in cursive.
  • Gradually it makes you much better at getting appreciable grades.

Getting into the steps

All of this writing game involves efficiency, and therefore while writing most of the letters, the pen stays on the paper. Most of the notes will be just made with one or two strokes, as cursive is all about efficiency.

Let’s start with the basic writing style and break it into two standard sections: upward stroke letters and curve stroke letters. So let’s begin with the base letters first!

Let your kid warm up with the basic entrance strokes

Note down the music notes on plain paper and then practice the strokes daily.

To practice the basic strokes you know, draw them on a sheet of paper carefully. Always remember that cursive writing involves joined letters. And this is the case to ensure easy connection of words and that all lowercase letters have start and ending strokes.

Working with the basic upward strokes

Practice upward and downward strokes with a fluent writing style for the warmup session. This upward-downward stroke may appear to be difficult but is very easy. Just ponder the fact to start above the bottom line in a sequence. Then, you are ready to shoot up to the top bar.

Working with the basic curve stroke

Again start by practicing the curve strokes on a paper to warm up a bit. You may curl up a bit more than usual to make your curve strokes even better. Start by raising the letters under the dashed line, go up and around clockwise and sometimes anticlockwise toward the bottom line, and curve up, leaving a slight gap to make your text curvier.

Selecting a font that you like

You may choose any font for your kid in cursive writing. Many people use a particular writing style by selecting a font they like and continue to use for the rest of their lives. All these popular font styles are on word processors like- MS Word, MS Powerpoint, and many more.


Now you might be aware of how to write in cursive beginners. You’ll get tons of creative fonts on the internet for practice. Get your kids hands-on and let them work upon the best calligraphic fonts ever. Make your kid a fantastic calligraphy writer. Let your little one discover their passion and be innovative. Let the innovation come out. With just a little bit of patience and hard work, anyone can truly master the skill of writing in cursive. There are so many ways to learn cursive writing. Therefore let your creativity out and get your stroke out!


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