A Method To Grow Your Child’s Imaginative Power: Creative Writing6 min read

Activities for Kids Aug 28, 2021
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A Method To Grow Your Child’s Imaginative Power: Creative Writing6 min read

You must have heard that creative writing is an art. People who practise creative writing are termed artists. Moreover, they also attract an audience with their non-academic or academic writing. But do you know why creative writing is highly essential for children? Children who perform creative writing activities usually have sharp minds and better writing skills as compared to the other kids. There are various creative writing prompts on which parents can ask the children to write. Such prompts will help your child to understand different forms of stories, plots and poetry. Today, we will learn about the best creative writing prompts for children to grow their minds and writing skills.

What is Creative Writing?

To understand other things about creative writing firstly one must know what creative writing is? It is a form of writing presenting various details about non-academic or non-technical information in a beautiful way. You cannot call a newspaper a speech of creative writing as they provide facts. Creative writing, on the other hand, is something written with originality and to express feelings. Children prefer creative writing to learn various skills such as reading, writing, communication and so on. Parents must persuade their children to write on various creative writing prompts to develop more ideas and imagination. The primary purpose of motivating your child towards creative writing is to provide them with a more productive source of entertainment rather than watching tv or social media and grow their skills. Both of them work hand-in-hand as when children express their feelings, the first step is to utilise their imagination.

Do you know there are various types of Creative writings? Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Fictions, either novel or short stories
  • Movies and television scripts
  • Speeches
  • Personal essays
  • Songs
  • Memories and so on

These are the various forms of creative writing which have been the talk of the town lately. Non-fiction writings are also called creative writings. Moreover, all these forms of writing require specific knowledge. Children can choose to write about any niche they are interested in. The various techniques in which parents can teach their children about creative writing are as follows:

  • Underlying themes
  • Vivid settings
  • Point of view
  • Dialogue writing
  • Anecdotes with metaphors and similes
  • Multiple figures of speeches
  • Writing in imaginative language and emotional appeal.
  • Heavy description short of writings

Thus, these are some of the prompts you can encourage your child to start from. Moreover, there are plenty of creative writing prompts on which students must write.

Benefits of Creative Writing

Creative writing has numerous benefits for children. Here are some of them.

Being Confident

When a child starts writing, they are engaged in an exercise that helps them brainstorm. Further, they also get an opportunity to explore numerous topics, philosophies and characters. Creative writing can help your child in expressing their ideas from many different perspectives. They feel more comfortable and confident when they start sharing their views. Whatever they create boosts their imaginative power.

Children who prefer creative writing can have a better future with more opportunities. Children learn plenty of sounds and voices, which help them in creating something unique. When a child practices and writes something, the content is flawless. More and more people appreciate their polished content, and therefore, they start building more confidence.

More Imagination

Creative writers are better at imagining various scenarios than non-writers. So youngsters can also try to write a snippet or a poem that describes the world in a new way. This helps them in boosting their imagination. But you must be thinking, how is it beneficial in the real world?

Well, when children engage in creative writing, they start to push their limits and thinking power. And when they push their imagination, they start thinking out of the box. You must have heard about JK Rowling, the writer who wrote the book Harry Potter and series. She was engaged in creative writing right from her childhood. She told in an interview that she had been writing from the age of 5. Thus, you can also motivate your child by telling the story of JK Rowling. She is among the most popular writers across the whole globe, and we are pretty sure that your child must be a potter-head too. Therefore every parent must motivate their child to write something out of the box and push their boundaries.

A Better Understanding of Reading and Writing

When a child writes regularly, automatically they gain a better vocabulary. Also, youngsters easily understand all that goes into writing and reading better. Teaching grammar rules to children can be a bit intricate sometimes. However, children who perform creative writing understand the grammar rules faster than other kids.

Learning grammar rules can also assist your little one in enhancing their disciplines. Once they get comfortable with writing, they might have great mastery in writing on a variety of themes using a list of writing styles. Their writing won’t just be limited to writing a business letter for their grammar class or writing a report . Professionally they will get more creative, and their art will become more compelling to the ones who read it. On the other hand, children with poor writing skills hardly stand anywhere. Therefore, every parent must motivate their child to write.

Empathy and Communication Skills

When a child reads and writes about various imaginary characters, they also imagine places, personalities, and develop a better sense of understanding out of their own life. This will help my youngsters in getting a heavy dose of empathy and understanding for others too. Children start imagining themselves in other situations and how people experience different things in their everyday lives and tend to be kind and compassionate. This helps them in developing better communication skills.

Children understand different perspectives better, and hence they can communicate better. In addition, their skills help them in developing better mental, emotional and physical health.

These are the benefits of creative writing for kids. Parents must encourage children to write in various niches so that they can develop all these skills.

Creative Writing Prompts

Various creative writing prompts on which you can ask your child to write are as follows:

  • Writing a scientific essay about pets in their language.
  • A story about their favourite characters in a movie.
  • Writing a story about their favourite superheroes or create your superhero.
  • If you were a President, what was the first thing you would do?
  • Imagining themselves as a star in a movie
  • Designing a new game with rules and types of equipment needed
  • What would happen if they had a real robot?
  • Imagine you were a zoo animal
  • Write your song
  • Write a story where only one character can ask questions
  • Thinking of yourself as a character of the book
  • What would happen if an alien landed at your house?
  • Imagine yourself living in a mall
  • Writing of fictional story about oceans, winds or fire
  • Writing their daily routine in a creative way
  • Describing the daily schedule of a turtle
  • If you become invisible, what would you do?
  • Writing about their best and worst moments
  • Imagine yourself in a desert or on an empty island alone

These are the various creative writing prompts on which you can ask your child to write. As mentioned above, there are no boundaries for writing. Thus, never stop your child whenever they are writing anything.


Creative writing might help your child develop better ideas, but it can be gained only when you have passion. Parents must encourage their children to write on various creative writing prompts. Writing always develops skills and vocabulary. A career in creative writing is a cherry on the cake. Thus, tell your child to write and imagine the world in their way.


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