Creative Matchbox Craft Ideas6 min read

Activities for Kids Sep 27, 2021
Matchbox Craft Activities



Creative Matchbox Craft Ideas6 min read

Do you also want your child to create something new and exciting? Then why not take the help of empty Matchboxes? Yes, there are more than a thousand Matchbox craft ideas that you can indulge your kid in different craft activities to boost their creativity and motor skills. So go and stack up all your used empty matchboxes and bring your kid to have some fun. Let us find out different matchbox ideas with which you can help your child to learn with fun.

Matchbox Craft Activities

Here are some of the interesting and creativity boosting Matchbox craft activities exclusively for your kids:

Bunker Bed

Here is the most exciting mini bunker bed. You can make it with the help of one Matchbox and two Matchbox sticks. The bed is more straightforward as well as practical. This matchbox craft idea can be done by colouring one matchbox and joining them in the shape of a bed. Later you can utilize a matchstick to make a ladder to reach the upper case of the bunker bed. Altogether your kid will enhance their creativity, learn to recycle and stay away from TV and smartphones. So call your child and watch them getting internal into a fun but exciting activity. Your child will Shirley jump with joy and get your paintbrush and matchboxes to make multiple bunk beds.

Mini Suitcase

Mini suitcases can be made either with one or two matchboxes. It depends upon the size you want. Well, it’s not necessary to make a giant suitcase you can sum up by using one Matchbox. Get your frame brush and colour the Matchbox in brown colour so that it looks like a suitcase. After that, you can add small handles and other details with the help of paper. Your child will learn to recycle matchboxes and stimulate their artistic skills with this activity. So make it and have fun.

Matchbox Craft – Robot

The robot made out of matchboxes? Yes, you can create one. Check out this matchbox craft activity, construct a robotic out of used matchboxes and matchsticks. Let your little one assist you in developing one. Then, use it as a storytelling prop!

Matchbox Wall Decor

You and your kid can make a wall decor out of empty matchboxes by taking concepts from this matchbox craft endeavour. All you want are a bunch of matchboxes and coloured papers to make an easy one!

Matchbox Holder

Does your child’s crayon, shade pencil, or design pen collections force you nuts? Well, they are simply in every nook and corner. Well, here’s a rapid repair that your little one will, in reality, love. Recycle matchboxes and make a matchbox artwork holder.

Harry Potter Mini Books

Get set to make a miniature series of Harry Potter books! Your kid and you can reuse the matchboxes to create all seven books. Download the template for this attractive matchbox craft and have an enjoyable magical bonding time!

Retro Cassette Player

Remember the exact historical cassette player? Has your baby been viewed once? If sure or not, this nostalgic matchbox craft pastime is for your little one and you to bond. So sit down and create a used matchbox décor.

Matchbox Castle

Yes, forming a Matchbox castle is a bit difficult but if you and your kid want to enjoy the best craft ideas from Matchbox, then making a castle is mandatory. Making a castle is challenging but exciting, so make your castle and indulge your child in an exciting craft activity.

So these were some of the Matchbox craft activities.

Are Craft Activities Helpful?

Yes, craft activities are helpful for kids as their creativity level amplifies when they perform drawing, sketching and colouring activities. Also, there are many other benefits let us know about them:

Motor Skills

When youngsters use their fingers to manipulate artwork substances, they create their first-rate motors capabilities as they use these small muscular tissues in their hands. Their bilateral coordination abilities enhance as they study to use each arm at an identical time. All this takes place when they paint, colour, glue and cut. The faster their excellent motor abilities strengthen, the greater they can do on their own, from consuming by using themselves to tying their very own shoelaces.

Quality Time

Kids love to spend time with their mother and father, and what higher way than to do arts and crafts together! You get to spend first-class time bonding with your children, and at the same time, you are growing lifelong recollections to cherish. While crafting collectively, you get to discuss what you are making and talk about specific thoughts and situation matters. You can discuss what you think, sense and care about.


Early kid literacy competencies in artwork and crafts cover a massive variety of areas – from talking and studying to listening and understanding. When youngsters make artwork or crafts, they get to discuss their work which develops their conversation skills. “Why did you pick out that colour?” “Tell me about what you made.” They analyze new vocabulary from dad and mom, and when following verbal directions, they use their listening skills. An ability all dad and mom favour our youngsters to draw close as quickly as feasible so they can begin listening to us.


Art permits children to advance their creativity which is essential at some stage in their lives. Doing something creative permits self-expression, which lets children categorize (and cope with) their feelings. It also fosters an intellectual increase in youth by presenting possibilities for attempting new ideas, new methods of wondering, and problem-solving.

In an interview, one says, “In children, creativity develops from their experiences with the process, as an alternative than a subject for the completed product. Creativity is now not to be harassed with talent, skill, or intelligence. Creativity is now not about doing something higher than others; it is about thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining.” still practising this one!

Math Concepts

Basic math capabilities are frequently now not the notion of being a phase of artwork and crafts activities. But math competencies are used regularly and have a high-quality impact on creating mathematical capabilities in preschool children. Kids get to study about and recognize specific shapes, count numbers and type out their artwork resources and even measure out lengths and sizes of artwork materials. To grasp math, you want desirable wondering and problem-solving competencies that artwork and crafts things to assist with.


The bottom line is craft activities are helpful for kids as they develop multiple skills while performing them. Moreover, every parent has to indulge their kids in multiple craft activities. You can take the idea from the above article. So get your empty matchboxes and start forming your beds and robots.


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