Creative Drawing Ideas for Children5 min read

Activities for Kids Aug 31, 2021
creative drawing ideas for children



Creative Drawing Ideas for Children5 min read

Every kid is an artist. The problem lies in how to let them remain an artist once they grow up. Drawing is one such crucial part of an artist’s life. Earlier, it was considered that drawing was just an awesome thing for exceptionally talented and creative people. Over time, it has been observed that drawing is much more than just marking images and sketching any object on a piece of paper. It can be considered a way of living one’s own life.

A hobby full of emotions and expressions

Having a hobby that allows you to express and communicate your emotions in a world full of distractions without talking to the other person is no less than a blessing. The breathtaking beauty of sharing images indicates that it is a language that knows no boundaries.

Benefits of Drawing

Many benefits come from withdrawing, which explains why drawing should be a skill that your kid can learn.

Increases visual ability

The concept of visualization is quite impressive. It makes you look at the beautiful world around you. One can visualize unrelated components together to give them a unique sense of belonging. Not only this, but drawing can help a person bring out their emotions and transform them into something meaningful on a piece of paper.


An excellent hobby to improve your brain development

Undoubtedly, drawing is a hobby that can enhance the development of your little one’s brain by putting almost all parts of the brain to work.

Talking in scientific terms, our brain is divided into left and right hemispheres. The left side is responsible for rendering logical thinking, whereas the right side is for evoking creativity level. Whenever both of these hemispheres are triggered together, the brain begins to function more efficiently and better.

8 Creative Drawing Ideas for Children

Look at the following eight straightforward drawing ideas for your little ones, and let the game of doodling begin!

Painting Easter Eggs

Get your little ones some eggs and guide them to use them as mini canvases! Isn’t it something unique? Time to combine drawing with some fun and adventure. Make sure to be with your kids and guide them with handling the eggshells. You can suggest your kids paint whatever they want to, like flowers, clouds, birds, cartoon creatures, or anything on the eggshells.

Doodle Art

If you are looking for some fantastic yet straightforward drawing ideas that can help keep your kids busy throughout, try teaching them how to doodle! Begin with scribbling using a default marker (such as a black marker) and then filling the shapes with different ideas, textures, and patterns. Please help them to obtain a unique and classy doodle shape. Doodling is an excellent form of drawing that enhances creative thinking and a better approach.

Drawing from Life

The most compelling analysis to mold your kid into a fantastic artist is to let them draw what they see. Instead, drawing what they think an object looks like is the foundational step of being an artist. Encourage your kids throughout to draw from their observations. Try different ideas to keep them engaged. Suggest them to capture the beautiful scenery outside, people around them, or the clock hanging on the wall. This would eventually help them to think and focus in a better way.

Hand Tracing and Filling Artistic Designs

This is an excellent form of learning to draw. This clever tracing idea will help your kid to reason. From tracing hands to filling in with a pattern, capturing different textures, and making shapes will teach them to better command their abilities.

Drawing Animals

Most of the children have great fun while drawing animals. Guide them to start by making a fish. Once they remove the overview, add some metallic markers to give a finished outline at the end. From comically incorrect drawings to amazing caricatures, your little ones will improve with every passing day.

Optical Illusion Drawing

If you wish to teach your kids to draw 3-Dimensional art, begin by drawing simple optical illustrations. Achieving that looks-like-it’s-really-moving effect can be a little complicated, but with a bit of practice, your kid can learn to get that effect in no time! Make sure to darken the patterns and sketches at the edges; this would give the illusions a nice and catchy impact overall.

Drawing Sceneries

Since childhood, almost every kid is taught to draw a scenery based on their imagination. It’s a fantastic way to determine your kid’s inner creativity level. You may help them by depicting different scenarios and showing them sample images over the internet. Once your little artist has finished drawing the scenery, let them suggest what minor changes they can make to turn the picturesque even better.

Painting Preschool Shoes

You may have a set of your toddler’s preschool or any old pair of shoes (not in use) lying somewhere. Let them be an alternative to turn your child’s skills into reality. Guide them by painting the shoes with acrylic or oil colors. Again, tell them to paint whatever they like. Be it a logo, cartoon creature, or anything they’d like to draw.


Don’t think that drawing is all about doodling and sketching on a sheet of paper. It is much more than that! What else can be better than expressing your thoughts and feelings in the form of drawing? Let your brushes, markers, imagination, passion, and creativity get down on paper. Gather whatever you have around! Feel free to try these fantastic ideas to modify your kid’s interest and ability.


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