Create your own little house unit study5 min read

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Create your own little house unit study5 min read


If you’re a homeschool parent who wishes to expand more on teaching their children a particular topic, person, place, concept, subject, or pretty much anything else, then this beginner’s guide is definitely for you!

Confused as to how you can structure your homeschool approach? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what your homeschool approach is, and no matter what the area of study is.

Regardless of the age group to which your children belong, by the time you’ll create your own unit study, it will only serve to impact your child’s understanding of a particular concept and that too on a much deeper level. And we can bet that you’ll also learn a thing or ten in the process yourself!

Just settle in with your favorite magazine and a cup of coffee because this article is not only a beginner’s guide but also a structured plan on how to create your own little house unit study.

We have tried to summarize examples of unit studies as well as suggestions to get unit studies from. Furthermore, you are also free to plan them by enrolling in any curriculum. Believe us! It is such a blessing when you’re short on creativity time. Just dig in!

Ways of creating a unit study in the right way

Method number 1. This way, we suggest you utilize a unit study by including all subjects within one major package. Don’t go on individualizing each subject in a traditional setting.

In this method, all disciplines of the core subjects must be grouped together into one bundle. This way the learning process will be summoned into a single topic.

For example, suppose you wish to celebrate Christmas during the month of December. Then you can study the religious belief associated with celebrating Christmas– All you need to do is just plan ahead! I

Method number 2. Here in this method, we suggest you focus on the unit study or discipline which you like. Don’t try to capture different captures at the same time. Rather than encompassing all of the subjects, try the hierarchical approach by proceeding serial wise.

You’ll find unit studies that will purely be based on the literature part. While on the other side, you’ll also be exposed to nature-related things only.

Apart from these topics, the rest can be based on scientific focus and on grammar as well.

All in all, we want you to understand that the most important point is to dive deep into the topic and its chronology. For instance, you have an XYZ topic. Then you need to make sure that you know everything about that topic including the application part. For a better picture, just research the topic thoroughly and learn everything there is to know about XYZ, on your grade and scale.

What do most people believe in?

Most people believe that it is important to lead a unit study that your child is extremely interested in.

While on the opposite side, other people believe that they must concentrate on those subjects where their children are actually lacking interest. It will help them to actually make him or her more interested in this lackluster subject and that too just by doing unit studies in an appropriate manner!

If you ask us which option to choose. We’ll suggest that either approach is fine and it’s completely up to your conscience as well as your child’s learning style. Also, it is very important to note how it fits best with your family.

Summarizing both the points, it is concluded that doing a unit study is just a fun way to break up the conundrum in your everyday school setting. So hurry up!

Apart from the concept of focus and concentration, all the suggestions mentioned above serve one commonality. And that point is having a jam-packed adventure for your little ones to commit what they have learned to memory!

What else can we do?

Just by estimating the mere enthusiasm of your little kiddo, you can measure the success of a unit study during or after it has been completed.

What you can do is establish the main idea of the unit to your kids right from the beginning. This way they’ll know what to expect.

Make sure to ensure whether your child is enjoying his fun time or not. This approach will help them to follow a different process of learning to make it stick in their little brains.

The most important thing is to structure the unit study in order to achieve ultimate success.

5 Steps to planning your unit study well

Here is a list of 5 quick and easy steps to planning a successful unit study with your child. To begin with, we have

1. The Foundation

It is very important to build your foundation as strong and rigid as possible. Just put it into your homeschool planner You can refer to two points before proceeding (a) the days to plan and (b) the days for the unit study. Calendar it well and then you’ll be good to go.

2. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is also called “freewriting.” Herein you need to think about all of the elements of the particular unit of study. Just ask yourself as to what makes it unique and different?

3. Scope and Sequence

Time to look into your child’s scope and sequence. This will help you to make a note regarding the curriculum that you’ll probably study.

As a parent, you may already have a pretty good idea of what they will be going over.

If you have ordered a curriculum guide, then just flip to the first page where it lays out the scope of the level. If you don’t find this on the first page, then check the table of contents.

4. Choose the respective unit or Theme

The main idea is the unit. Don’t forget that this is going to be the focal point of your entire unit study. The whole chronology upon which every subject will revolve around is the unit portion.

5. Select the respective topics that are related to the corresponding unit and are appropriate for your little one.

You may question different reasons for certain problems such as – What categories must be included? Or which subjects to begin with?


With the solid advancement in the field of science and technology, we literally have various resources out there wherein unit study packages can easily be purchased. All you need to do is follow their structures and plans! In fact, many scholars who studied in a homeschool created their own unit studies and that too in no time!


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