Countries-of-the-World Activities Your Kids Will Love3 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



Countries-of-the-World Activities Your Kids Will Love3 min read

Are your kids fascinated with maps and the different countries of the world?

Or do you want to introduce your kids to different cultures and show them various countries around the globe?

Whatever your reason maybe, if you are planning on just getting started, we have a few fun activities that you could try out!

Here are easy and fun ways to do a countries-of-the-world study with your kids

1. Try some World Culture Studies

You can have weekly discussions and readings from various world culture books. Books that depict families from around the globe and their cultures, their foods and their way of living is a very interesting way to introduce your kids to different countries and cultures.

You could also pick a craft from different cultures around the world and learn more about it with your kids. Maybe you can try creating this craft at home too!

Every week that your kids learn about a new country, make a special dish from that particular country to help them appreciate it better.

2. Hands-on Activities

Flying paper airplanes to the countries of the world

One of the many fun hands-on activities that you could try is paper airplanes. If your kids love any excuse to throw paper around the house, why not use this to your advantage?

What materials will you require?

For this activity, you will need the following materials

  • White paper
  • Big pieces of colored paper
  • Pen/marker
  • A globe or a map for reference

Let’s fly paper planes!

This is how you go about this activity

Step 1: To start, outline each continent on a different piece of paper.

Step 2: Next, label each continent and have your kids begin making their paper airplanes.

Step 3: Place your continent drawings around the house or outside.

Now it’s time for your kids to travel with paper airplanes across the world!

Step 4: For smaller children, you can name continents and have them try to land their paper airplanes on them.

For older kids, you might have to think of something more complex. Maybe call out names of various countries and have them try to land their paper airplanes on the corresponding continents.

Step 5: After your kids land their airplanes, you could ask them to name a few cities inside a particular country. They could also say one fun fact about any city of their choice from the given country.

The Benefits of conducting this activity?

  • Your children are learning geography and essentially “mapping” the world as they go around flying paper airplanes around your home.
  • Another great thing about this activity is that your kids are kept interested and engaged the whole time.
  • You can involve both younger and older kids together and have everyone absorbed into the game.
  • As an alternative to manually drawing out the continents, you could use actual maps!
  • Think of variations to conducting this activity; your kids could use their toy nerf guns to “shoot” different locations on your world map.

The best thing about these activities is that they’re extremely easy to execute and even easier to have fun with. And as your kids have fun they are also learning at the same time!


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