Colour Mixing Activities for Pre-schoolers5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 18, 2021



Colour Mixing Activities for Pre-schoolers5 min read

One of the most exciting parts of painting is learning how to mix different colors. Color mixing is a wonderful way to bond with our children. Each child likes unique colors and can join in creating their own. When children play together, they can color-mix all the colors of the rainbow! They can also work together to create their unique colors. Parents should not think of the mess and washing initially because Color Mixing helps your child a lot. This article will help you understand the benefits of Color mixing along with amazing activities for your child.

Benefits of Color Mixing

  • Colour mixing encourages children to think critically about the possibilities.
  • Colour mixing encourages children to develop a variety of character traits, such as respect, cooperation, and understanding.
  • They used scientific thinking to predict and experiment with cause and effect.
  • They try to solve the problem of mixing the wrong colour.
  • They come up with ideas on how to fix the wrong colour.
  • They learn how to measure the amount of paint to add by using math.
  • They work on various fine motor skills such as pouring and mixing.
  • They experiment with various shades, primary and secondary colours.
  • They also ask questions about tints and shades.
  • Their creative thinking skills will enable them to come up with names for their various colours.

The Colour Wheel

A color wheel or color circle is an abstract representation of the relationships between various primary colors and secondary colors.

The Primary Colours

The primary color is a set of hues that are commonly mixed in varying amounts to create a wide range of colors. The three additive primary colors are blue, red, and green.

The Secondary Colours

Secondary colors are formed as a result of mixing the Primary color.

The Intermediate colours

An Intermediate color is formed by mixing one Primary color with one secondary color.

Color Mixing activities

Here are a few interesting color Mixing activities that will be fun to do with your child.

1. Color mixing with Ice cubes:

This activity involves mixing different colored ice cubes. This activity shows how to mix the primary colors of blue, yellow, and red to make different shades of green, purple, and orange.


9 paper cups
Cup to hold the water
4 small, clear, or white containers
Red, Blue, and yellow liquid watercolor paints

Let’s get started!

First, fill the cups with water and add a few drops of each of the following colors, Red, Blue, and Yellow.
Then place the cups into the freezer.
The next day, Peel the paper off the ice cubes.
Put the ice cubes into the containers in the following order:
1 Red, 1 Blue, and 1 yellow
1 Red and 1 Blue
1 Blue and 1 yellow
1 Red and 1 yellow
Set them out to allow the cubes to melt.
You can ask your child to predict some colors.
Once the ice starts to melt you can see that the colors are beginning to mix a bit.
Give the containers a shake to help them mix.
After a gentle shake, you can find new colors.
Now ask your child to name them.
Isn’t that amazing to see how the colors got mixed to form a new color?

2. Bouncy Balloon Mixing

This activity requires balloons! Now, kids will be more excited than usual. It helps to mix colors and form new vibrant colors that can range from secondary to Intermediate colors or even new ones.


Big white sheet
A container for each color

Let’s get started!

Blow up the balloons a bit bigger than they usually do. This will make them bounce a lot and make them less likely to pop.
Dip the balloons in paint and bounce them around the paper to create a circular pattern of the colors.
Each time you bounce the balloon dipped in different colors you can see new colors.
Now try identifying them and write down and group them into Primary colors, secondary colors, and intermediate colors.

3. Shaker Color Mixing

This color mixing activity is less messy compared to others. But a brilliant way to mix colors and you would love the patterns and the new shades of color that are revealed after mixing.


Large Jar with lid
Containers for each color

Let’s get started!

Curl the paper to fit it inside the jar.
Put the 2 -3 marbles in the jar.
Now choose two colors and pour the colors into the jar using the spoon.
Now start shaking.
Open the lid and carefully take the paper out to find a nice texture and amazing color.
Ask your child to recognize the color!

4. Wet canvas

This simple and elegant project can be adapted to any home or school. This activity is so simple and fun for kids. It’s also beneficial to teach them that when you mix two things, a new thing is created.


Colors(Primary & Secondary)
White canvas Board
Masking tape

Let’s get started!

Divide the white canvas into sections using the masking tape.
Paint the white canvas with water and make it wet.
Now drop different colors in each section and see how water blends each color on its own.
Now add some salt to the wet colored canvas for an effect.
You can see the salt-making splash on the canvas.
Now, wait for it to dry.
Peel off the masking tape.
You have an amazing blend of colors in different sections.


Through Color mixing, children can gain many benefits, such as seeing the effects of the two primary colors in the same project. Color mixing is a great unit for developing fine motor skills and color awareness. They can also learn how to identify the difference between primary and secondary colors. It’s also a great way to teach language development. These activities will help children develop their color recognition skills. It will also teach them how to create their primary colors. It’s a great way to spend time with your children!


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