Clubhouse – Everything musicians need to know5 min read

Music Sep 19, 2021
Clubhouse - everything musicians need to know



Clubhouse – Everything musicians need to know5 min read

What is Clubhouse app all about?

With the emergence of modern technology and social apps, Clubhouse is another sizzling trend followed by youngsters nowadays. It is basically an audio-only platform where people with similar areas of interest engage with one another. Clubhouse comprises several chat rooms and that too is a real-time experience. One thing that is really fascinating is the allowance feature to enter and exit whenever they want to. You can think of this app as a party hall where only introverts are allowed to step in! This party hall allows people invited to bounce from group to group, like a bridge between a live radio show and a podcast.

Some popular features which make it even more unique and enjoyable are-

  • Non-recordable conversations so that you face no issue with your personal information. You will need not worry about secret discussions regarding your music copies, upcoming shows, or albums that may get leaked or hacked.
  • Other social networking apps don’t allow you to invite non-participant members, but Clubhouse is regarded as invite-only.

If you really wish to spread your talent like wildfire and you’re thinking of choosing a platform to do so, the clubhouse is the right place for you! It’ll surely help you to market your music and consider a selective list of podcasts that have grown nearly 30% within the last three years.

During the pandemic surge, it was observed that there was a huge amount of growth for audio-only platforms.

What experts believe is that the current popularity will be sustained as it is through audio-only apps like Clubhouse and Spotify which stream online podcasts on-demand.

If you are an independent artist who believes in making your own career, you can benefit from Clubhouse’s platform. And as this platform is relatively smaller in size when compared to YouTube, chances of succeeding are quite high.

Cool tricks to promote your music and increase your followers using Clubhouse

The first step to be followed is to create your own club for new as well as existing fans. This way you’ll stay connected with your fans and audience. Get your voice and club amplified by featuring:

  • Live mic sessions
  • Recorded demos
  • Recorded unplugged as well as sessions
  • An advisory class for beginners in the form of rising artists
  • Online one on one session regarding best independent artists
  • Talk related to the upcoming trends in the music industry news and similar news
  • Discussions about any album or EP that you are planning to release soon
  • Streaming your live performance of your top tracks ( you can even minimize the background noise using the music mode feature in the app)
  • Reach out to the audience in the best and most creative way possible

You can even link your clubhouse main account to other social media channels where you post regarding your band. This would help you in connecting with even more people.

Reasons to join Clubhouse

  1. With the help of this app, you can even start up your own music career and that too without any extra investment as such. Clubhouse can probably prove to be your future conforming approach!
  2. You can reach out to people via LinkedIn and Twitter for your music collaborations on Clubhouse. Apart from this, you can even host your own successful chat rooms in no time.
  3. It’s really a hard fact to digest that Clubhouse grew its audience from 3.5 million global downloads to more than 8.1 million global downloads and that too just in less than 14 days! Isn’t that mind-boggling enough to prove its popularity and outburst? It’s pretty much similar to podcasting that never stops! With the rise of such global exposure, we can estimate its popularity in the upcoming years as well.
  4. The group of the famous acclaimed musicians, known as beatclub, discussed tips for producers, the future of production, and shared their own experiences in the industry. They were known for attracting thousands of listeners as they provided exclusive insights. Many such rooms are organized every week along with some of the top music executives and artists who discuss their trends, opinions, and advice for guiding the industry in a better way.
  5. Formation of tangible human interaction
    It is quite evident until now that Clubhouse allows its users to interact with each other in real-time and thus it is known to automatically trigger a positive human interaction. Such type of interaction isn’t readily observed on other social media platforms. Being a beginner or an artist, you can use this opportunity to connect with your fan base and form sincere relationships with them. In short, there are endless ways to connect and engage with your fans through this platform. You can even host a chatroom with other artists, premier new music, have a meet-and-greet with fans, and also write live songs live by inviting people to be part of the process. Time to stay connected with your audience through this amazing app!

Reviewing the pattern of posting by observing fellow music competitors

As a new artist, the best way to make the most out of this app is to engage in other fellow competitors’ clubs.

For doing so, just click on the emoji which might be popping in the bottom right hand of your screen, from there you can actually hop into the conversation screen.

To make it more engaging, you can even ask questions related to the subject and showcase your knowledge before you rush into self-promos.

Only if you add any unique information to your existing club, other users will get automatically directed to your club without requesting them to join.

For a better influence, it is advised to interact at least once per day or every other day. This can help you a lot to quickly reach real-time growth. If you really want to ace this game, then only consistency is the key that can help you to win the show!


Clubhouse proves to validate the real-time audio in this modern world. One thing is quite clear from the Clubhouse predictions made above we are not sure enough whether Clubhouse will stay in the future too or not. But one thing is crystal clear the concept of social audio has just begun to explode. Time to wake up and achieve your dreams! So start thinking about how your brand can meaningfully contribute to that space. Wish you a very happy and meaningful clubhousing!



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