Children Learn What They Live4 min read

Parenting Aug 31, 2021
children learn what they live



Children Learn What They Live4 min read

Children are like video cameras with legs. They learn more from what you, as a parent, do than from what you say. If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence. At the same time, if he lives with criticism, he learns to condemn. As simple as that, your child is clearly a reflection of your ideologies and your inner self. While we are busy teaching them all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. Most of the time, we worry about what our kids will do tomorrow, yet we forget that they already are someone today.

Ever heard your toddler saying- ‘Hey mom/dad are you listening to me? Do you see me? Do I matter? This behavior of theirs often reflects our response. Undoubtedly, modern day kids are more inclined towards television, video games and smartphones. Research shows that with as little as 20 seconds of television viewing toddlers as young as 14 months are able to repeat actions observed during videos. Young children can, and will, copy what they see happen on television.

Here is a list of 3 things that all children learn from their parents. Have a look at them for a more clearer perspective.

Aspiring to be an example

Do you remember as a kid wanting to be just like your dad or your mom? Home is the school where kids learn the most. Parents are the book where they learn the best and the worst of habits. The way their parents speak, the way they treat others, the way they react to situations, will be far more powerful than the things they teach them.

Working hard or not

One of the greatest blessings in one’s life can be to grow up learning that money doesn’t grow on trees. Whether you are a hardworking person, self reliant or not, give your child an impression of both your dignity and dedication. From hard work, one learns discipline, sacrifice, believing in oneself, and this would render value to their lives. Deciding whether the values you want your kid to incorporate are positive or negative, totally depends upon you.

Loving oneself

If you want your kiddos to believe that they are beautiful and worthy, then you need to be comfortable in your own skin. It is as simple as that! The path of self love is to inspire others with your own strengths and beliefs. Self love is to prioritize yourself and accept every strength as well as flaws that you have.

What can you as a parent do?

  • As explained earlier, children reflect whatever they see. Therefore choose your words very wisely. Be extra careful about what you do and what you say. Try to set a positive example for your little ones.
  • Imagine your home as your child’s first classroom. List down what all values you want your kid to incorporate.
  • Make sure to include your child in your everyday activities and see those activities as an opportunity for learning.
  • Worried about your children watching excess television? Limit the use of television right from the start! Don’t forget that television is teaching your children. Teaching things which they watch and might want to copy later as well. Keep a check on what they are viewing and co-view with them whenever possible.

Facts to Ponder

Object attachment

You might have heard at some point of your life that children are obsessed with one thing or the other. Even a slightest change to the caricature pillow cover you gave to them or the differently coloured blanket they had since infancy can make them cry badly. Typically, this only happens until a baby is between 2-3 years old, and then/, seemingly all of a sudden, they no longer have any issues with it.

Nothing to worry though, this thing isn’t permanent as mentioned.

Abstract thinking

Young ones below the age of 11-12 have their thoughts mostly grounded under concrete reality, being unable to think their way through problems that require them to do things they can’t see. They aren’t very good at abstract reasoning. But when you talk about sensitivity, they are very particular about their emotional well being and observe whatever happens around them.


Children have plenty of imperfections, plenty of craziness, plenty of hard times and good times, but they always keep in mind whether they are admired or not. Kids think differently than adults. They are not fully aware of understanding the working of this world. They see things in a completely different light. However, this does not last for long. Surprisingly, there are some ways where children are better than grown up adults. Being careful about what you say and do, you can be pretty sure that you are teaching your child what you want them to learn and begin to set them on the path to school and life success!


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