15 Incredible Cardboard Craft Activities You Cannot Resist Creating5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021
15 Incredible Cardboard Craft Activities You Cannot Resist Creating



15 Incredible Cardboard Craft Activities You Cannot Resist Creating5 min read

Do you usually deem your cardboard boxes useless and just throw them away? Well, you don’t need to do that anymore because we have some interesting and innovative ideas for you and your child to recycle old and seemingly useless cardboard boxes and sheets. Just grab a few stationery items and get ready to get creative!

Here are 15 Super Fun Cardboard Craft Activities for You and Your Child

Cardboard Greeting Card

Greeting cards are super fun to make. And you can get really creative with them too! Simply gather whatever supplies you think you’ll need and turn a boring sheet of cardboard into a really pretty card for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and so on.

Friendship Badge

Help your child to celebrate the unshakeable and special bond of friendship with really adorable friendship badges. Your child and you can make a variety of these with different colors, patterns, and designs. Now your child has his own handmade friendship badges to distribute to his close friends on friendship day!

Key Holder

Okay, be honest here, how many times have you misplaced a set of keys? This is something that’s probably very common to almost every house. It’s time to make a really cute key holder with your child. This is a cardboard craft activity that’s really fun and easy to make. Once you’re done, put your child in charge of putting all the keys in their new place.

Foosball Box

Have you ever played foosball as a kid? It’s basically a mini box version of football. Your child will seriously enjoy making this box! You will need some clothespins and straws, and a little ball for your players to kick around the box. Create this fun game from scratch and teach your child something that he can play with his buddies. This game might also help to keep your kid away from his gadgets for a while!

DIY Mailbox

Making your own DIY mailbox from scratch can be extremely fun. You will need a minimal number of supplies apart from your cardboard. Encourage your child to play the postman and put some letters into his new mailbox. This is a nice bonding activity as well as a fun play for later.

Fidget Spinner

The unforgettable fidget spinner! Do you remember back when this was extremely famous? Well, you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy playing with a fidget spinner. This fun cardboard craft activity is awesome and one where your child will learn to make a toy right from scratch. Add some bright colors and cool patterns to make your fidget spinner customized to your tastes.


Business Card Holder

If you have a lot of business cards lying around the house with no proper place to store them, this is the best idea! Let your child’s imagination and creativity run wild and use colored papers, glitter, glue and cardboard to make a perfect sized business cardholder.


Cardboard Clock

Make a clock out of cardboard! What a smart way to teach your child the concept of time. You can educate your child on what the numbers of the clock denote. Don’t forget to make the hands of the clock moveable so you can have a fun activity of changing the time. Also, paint your DIY clock with some bright colors and let your child have fun while he learns time.


Photo Frame

Photo frames are the best things you can create out of cardboard. You can do some paper maché, add glitter, doodle on them, stick dried flowers and leaves, the list can go on. This enjoyable activity will also prove to be a great bonding session for you and your kid. When y’all are done, don’t forget to pick out a photo and stick it in your new photo frame!


Marble Maze

A marble maze is great fun and hours of entertainment. Your kids will enjoy themselves as they guide their marble through various obstacles. For the walls of the maze, you can use ice-cream sticks or cut out strips of cardboard and glue them onto the maze. Make the game trickier by adding some marble sized holes too.


Noah’s Ark

Children can really surprise you with how their brain and imagination work. This is a super cute activity where you can teach your kid the story of Noah’s ark and the animals. Make a DIY cardboard ship and add your child’s favorite animal stuffed toys to make it more like Noah’s ark.


DIY Rainbow Craft

This is a really simple and colorful craft activity. Draw out a large rainbow on a cardboard sheet or box and have your kid paint it in with the colors of the bow. If your child ever has a costume party to attend, simply clip this cardboard rainbow on him and there you have it!


Cardboard Animal Craft

Making cardboard animals is a remarkable pastime. You can get creative and make all sorts of animals – both 2D and 3D! Your child will also love painting these cardboard animals that you both have created. You can then place these animals in your kid’s room where he can flaunt them to every guest that comes home.


Shoelace Practice Board

Learning to tie shoelaces can get tricky for kids. Making this shoelace practice board will help your child to not only learn to tie his shoelaces but also have fun in the process. Simply outline a shoe and punch in some holes. Run a piece of thread, rope or yarn through the holes and voila! Your child has his very own personal shoelace practice board.


Cardboard Houses

Cardboard houses are always crazy fun to make – whether they are dollhouses, animal houses, aquariums, or even a mini house for your child! Make cardboard houses of all shapes and sizes with your kid and decorate them to look really pretty. 



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