Busy Bags: Activities to Engage Curious Preschoolers4 min read

Child Development Nov 22, 2021
Busy Bags: Activities to Engage Curious Preschoolers



Busy Bags: Activities to Engage Curious Preschoolers4 min read


With young children, it’s difficult to find a moment to sit down. Something always seems to pop up as soon as you do something.

As a result, we believe you’ll fall in love with the concept of busy bags. We can assure you that once your children have one, you will have plenty of time to do whatever you want. Whether it’s drinking coffee, sending an email, or receiving a phone call, there’s always something to do. Slowly, you’ll realize that you have access to even more valuable ideas than you previously thought!

It can be considered both: blessing and a curse for preschoolers since they are curious, lively little individuals. That intense curiosity can be annoying when you’re trying to finish school with older children, get supper on the table, or wait more than 2.5 seconds for an appointment.

Those are the moments when you’ll need calm, self-contained preschool activities that they can perform independently. Those are the moments when you’ll require Busy Bags for Kids.

What are busy bags?

You might be wondering what a busy bag is. A busy bag (or box or another container) is a portable bag that you fill with basic stuff to keep your toddler amused while you’re out and about (or at home when you need to attend to other things).

For families who regularly find themselves waiting with their young kids at doctor’s offices, school pickup lines, restaurants, and other places, busy bags can be a lifesaver. Bring these with you when you go to Grandma’s place to keep the youngsters occupied.

Busy bags are activities that are self-contained, screen-free, entertaining, and educational. These activities, dubbed busy bags because they’re commonly packed in zip-lock bags, can give parents the peace and quiet they need while engaging youngsters in meaningful play and inquiry. Busy bags are useful for more than just keeping kids out of your hair. They’re a great method to engage preschoolers.

  • Encourage young children to grasp concepts like number sense and letter recognition.
  • Encourage innovative, creative play.
  • Fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination should be developed.
  • Preschoolers should be given peaceful but productive activities.

The book does more than show parents how to make activity packs for their children; it also helps them understand early childhood education and how to foster age-appropriate play and exploration.

How Can You Use Busy Bags?

Busy bags can be used in a variety of ways and are simple to put together. As a result, they’re great for

  • Homeschool parents
  • Parents and grandparents of preschoolers
  • Teachers and daycare workers
  • Childcare providers
  • Cool aunts

How Many Categories Can You Find?

With busy bags, the possibilities are unlimited. All of these actions can be divided into four categories:

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Just for Fun

If you want to focus on a specific talent, this breakdown makes it simple to get just what you need. It’s also ideal for ensuring that you’re covering a diverse range of abilities.

You can assemble the bags alone or arrange a hectic bag swap with several buddies. A bag exchange allows participants to receive a wide range of bags while keeping the cost of putting them together. Simple, practical advice for holding a stress-free busy bag swap is provided in Busy Bags Kids Will Love.

Once the bags are put together, you can take them out as needed and alternate them to keep the activities interesting for your preschooler. Preschoolers will be able to complete the activities with minimal supervision thanks to the design of the bags. Many of the activities give suggestions for making them self-checking.

The Main Idea Behind Using A Busy Bag

Some kids can finish bags quickly (which means it’s time to move on to the next one), while others enjoy a struggle (which is great!). A busy bag’s principal purpose is to encourage autonomous activity. Get your pen and paper ready… and let the adventure begin!


Don’t be intimidated by all the options–busy bags are designed to make your life easier, not more difficult!

Simply pick a few that sound interesting to prepare and show you how to utilize. Then pull them out for quiet time or toss them in your bag for on-the-go fun. You can add to your collection once you and your youngster discover how much fun it is to play and learn with busy bags.

Many of the materials used in the busy bags are the same. Don’t go out and buy more; simply take them from the plastic bag or bin in which you keep the other busy bag and begin playing. It isn’t about having the ideal collection of children’s activities. It’s all about providing your child with fun and engaging activities with which to play and learn…and it’s all about having fun and engaging activities for your child to play and learn with…and it’s all about having fun and don’t forget to finish your coffee before it gets cold!


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