Building Sibling Cooperation Instead of Competition2 min read

Parenting Nov 15, 2021
Building Sibling Cooperation Instead of Competition



Building Sibling Cooperation Instead of Competition2 min read



I know it can be difficult when in your family you have children among whom one is good at learning quickly and the other needs some time to grab things. Today my article will revolve around the topic in which I will tell you guys how to not develop competition between your kids but only cooperation. It will help your kids to grow up nicely and they will understand each other properly. The kids will benefit each other and the kid who is good at grasping the concepts will help his/her siblings. During games, it’s good to be competitive but I think in studies one has to be cooperative. So let’s move forward. I am going to share some tips with you guys which are going to help you in building cooperation in your homeschool.

Start with playing cooperative games: You should try to play games in which the kids have to reach a common goal and will be in one team and you are in the opposite team. It will help them to learn values such as cooperation and mutual respect. Prefer playing games without any points. You can play badminton in which there is no scoreboard. Try all the games which demand cooperation. You can also find them all over the internet or you can take suggestions from other homeschoolers. Or maybe they will also take this idea and it can be put forward to other people. It also helps in the advancement of critical thinking and teamwork.

Start playing games in which chances are more: You can start with bingo and Go fish. In these games, kids don’t have to compete against each other. Play games which will help them in gaining advanced knowledge of different fields and also various kinds of skills. You can also play games where the kids will love to engage in different activities but with no competition at all. You can also tell your kids that they don’t have to compete against each other instead but have to collectively perform as a team.

Motivate the kids for personal competition: There are also games in which no one wins or loses. You can download such types of games on your mobile phones, for example, treasure hunt, subway surf, etc. These can be good options for engaging the kids in something productive. You can also go with it and play games which will not only be good for your kids but their brains will remain active and competitive. And it’s a game where you would love to whip your high score too. So what are you waiting for? Go and download these games.


You need to get your kids on the right track by keeping these tips in your head and you will see together they can do wonders but if they start competing against each other, it’s going to destroy your mental peace and their relationship with each other for a lifetime.


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