16 Amazing Return Gift Ideas for Kids of all Age Groups 6 min read

Activities for Kids Sep 26, 2021
Return Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Age Groups



16 Amazing Return Gift Ideas for Kids of all Age Groups 6 min read

Both parties and birthday celebrations are amazing. They are merely filled with joy and pleasure. In such a case, it isn’t surprising to note that they become expensive due to the arrangements, party props, cakes, gifts and what not! Nowadays, it is quite obvious to render return gifts or party favors to the guest children as a token of thanks, while they leave. Therefore, these gifts are often regarded as trendsetters for your child’s future birthdays too.

List of some amazing and unique return gift ideas

We have tried to mention almost all the essential ideas to cover a large spectrum. The real confusion might arrive while picking out the most appropriate one for your child’s party. Therefore, we have enlisted 16 gift items to make your child’s friends even happier while they leave!

1. Clay kits

In order to make your kid’s birthday even more fun and exciting, a kit can be a great return gift with play dough in various colors. Nowadays we have many different types of clay products available in the market. This idea can trigger wonderful as well as creative ideas amongst your fellow guests. This return gift option is appropriate for all ages.

2. Toy race cars

If you are looking for a race car themed birthday, the best thing you can think of as a return gift is tiny race cars. Having such an idea is growing in popularity all over the world. You may have commonly noticed this amongst girls but in modern days, girls too love this idea!

3. Stuffed Animals

You might have a wide range of gifting options for your kid’s special day. Having confusion about what to choose and what not? If that’s the case, then going for a safe bet is advised.  You can go with the idea of choosing a small stuffed animal. Different animals can be picked up. This would make your little one’s return gifts unique to each guest.

4. Pencil boxes

Pencil boxes can prove to be a great alternative as a gifting option! It’s useful as well as a fun present option for kids. Having such an option is in no way considered to be gender biased. But instead, it is quite practical too in terms of usage.

5. Kaleidoscope

Getting a kaleidoscope as a return gift will fascinate the young ones. Not only this, but it will also teach them about shapes and colors. Kaleidoscope is quite educational, fun, and gender neutral.

6. Glow in the Dark Stars

One of the best options to opt-out is choosing the glow-in-the-dark stars that can be stuck above their beds. These stars are quite eye-catching and beautiful in appearance. This gift will remind your kid’s friends of the great day they celebrated with your kid!

7. Coloured Water Bottles

Water bottles aren’t just limited to birthday parties. But you can also gift them on other occasions too. It’s an all-rounder gift item that can be given on any occasion. Particularly, if you are looking for return gift ideas, colorful water bottles can be a great choice!

8. Birthday Sunglasses

Almost every kid loves wearing sunglasses. In the market, you’ll find various cartoon shaped sunglasses and that too best in budget. Gifting sunglasses as a return gift will help you to choose the best thing which you can give to kids and make them happy. Also, they have an endless range of sunglasses available for kids. You just need to opt for the right one out of them!

9. Invisible Ink Magic Pen

When you ask kids about having invisible ink magic pens, they’ll have awesome reviews about this. And this is the reason why we have added this item to this return gift list. You’ll easily get it in the market. These pens come in a wide range at different prices.

10. Piggy Bank

If you really wish to teach your kids as well as your little guests the best way to save money is by gifting them a piggy bank. This can prove to be a wise choice and will impress their parents too! Your best bet is to get a satisfying response from kids!

11. Unicorn Fur Notebook Diary

Undoubtedly, gifting a notebook can be a great choice. But instead of gifting a normal notebook to a kid, you can go for something unique this time. The common reason for this is because children in this age don’t like reading. But if they are exposed to something unique and marvelous to opt for, they’ll fall in love with a fur and fancy notebook diary like a unicorn fur notebook diary.

12. Fancy set of Erasers and Pencil

Gifting a fancy eraser and pencil set is a good idea for giving to a kid. If you are looking for something cheap and in your budget, then this can be a great option. Along with this, you can also add some more customization according to your budget and choice.

13. Wooden Shaped Photo Frame

If you are looking for an idea that is evergreen and favorable, then go with the option of gifting wooden photo frames. They are always considered as the best gift items for adults as well as for children. Look for frames having cute and lovely prints so that you can easily impress kids. And because of the endless range of options, you can choose a low cost and premium looking photo frame easily in the market.

14. Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes are great gifts for children. If you want to go for the ones having fun cartoon prints on them, then it would be an additional perk. For having a wide range of choices, you can look for the boxed sets for boys and another for girls separately.

15. Snow Globes

Having this as your option, it will make your child’s friends jump with joy. These snow globes will give all the kids a sense of uniqueness. Snow globes are quite attractive and beautiful to observe. Beyond reasonable doubts, your guests will love this idea!

16. Board Games

Board games are quite fun and entertaining. We have many board games available in the market. For instance, sequence games, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Monopoly, Life, Cluedo and much more! If you really wish to look for an ideal method to teach children teamwork, problem-solving, planning, coordination, execution and much more, then you should go for this option. Your kid’s friends will definitely fall in love with this idea. For a better view, ask your kid itself to choose an ideal game set for his/her friends.


We hope that our return gift ideas prove to be helpful for you. We haven’t sorted the above mentioned list in any particular order. They are all randomly enlisted. You must choose the perfect gift item based on the number of attendees and most importantly, your budget!


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