Questions to ask your kids to open up?4 min read

Parenting Aug 17, 2021
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Questions to ask your kids to open up?4 min read

The most important sign of great parenting is not the child’s behavior but the parent’s behavior. Think back in time and recall that one person who helped to make a difference in your life. Ever thought what that person used to tell you when you made a mistake? Use the same concept as a parent too! Since the beginning, parents try to do everything they can to give the best to their children and to protect them in every possible way. As parents you nurture your little one, protect them, guide them and be with them no matter what. Undoubtedly in a world where children are growing up using so many digital means, it’s important to help them stay in touch with the actual reality of life. Hence exponentially, as your child grows and develops, there are many things you must discuss with them. It’s very essential to know how your little one has been feeling.

A thing to ponder upon is that every child is born unique. Childhood does bring many changes, both positive as well as negative, in a child’s life. Physical, social and mental skills develop quickly and at a sharp scale at this very time. As this stage passes, their world gradually begins to open up. They become more independent and wish to explore and become curious about many new things. As a parent, your knowledge about how children learn and grow will help you guide children in ways you can’t even think of.
Wondering how and when to begin with an effective set of parenting skills? Don’t you worry! We have gathered some amazing bits of advices that will have a profound effect on your children. Have a look at the following set of tips and suggestions to start over. Time to set smart limits!


Ask them how they have been feeling. Let them know that you care for them.

If your child is doing right, praise them. Let them know that you are proud of them. Make them feel wanted. Children need adults to validate their choices and support them. When adults actively engage with their children and observe them, they are in a better position to prohibit them from being a part of wrong doings. When children face discouraging or frustrating environment, it is quite natural for them to react disobediently and get upset. At such times, parents can offer motivation to their young ones. For instance; tell them that ‘’Sometimes, it’s alright to not get what you want. You are a strong and amazing child and I believe in you. Never let yourself feel inferior because I know you are not.” Such positive statements help them boost their confidence and provide a better psychological effect.

Ask them how would they manage if their needs aren’t always fulfilled

No matter how hard you try you cannot fulfill every wish of your child. There are times when meeting your child’s needs and doing what is right for them will be very tricky. Tell them as to why you need their cooperation and support. If you start teaching your child more about concepts like adjustment, necessity and management skills, eventually they will evolve in a better way. It often helps to keep your daily life with children healthier and stress free. In such a scenario, your kids will not hesitate in opening up about real life problems and share things and seek help from you more often.

Ask your child to open-up about everything no matter good or bad

During a child’s developmental period, there are many situations that a child goes through. Some are good while the others are not. At such times, it becomes very important to ask your children frequently about they have been feeling and just letting them know that you’re there for them. To know your child more, try to know them as friends rather than just parents. Help them to take a stand for themselves. You should make your them bold enough to always speak against the wrong and support the truth.

Ask what makes them feel loved by you

This is a great question during your child’s growth years. By having realization of some of the ways they feel loved by you, you’ll get a clear picture of how to be around them. A growing child is very sensitive. Any word, statement or argument can have deep impact on them. You should be careful enough to choose your words. Your kid would want you to support him/her in every possible way.

In most instances of guidance as well as a sounding parenting goal, you will need to combine several approaches as well as patience. It is important here to know that no one strategy will work in every situation, not every situation will be same, or with every child. At every step of your kid’s life, things will change. They watch how you cope with different situations, with your anger or frustration. They watch how you deal with sadness and joy. The way you handle ups and downs of life teaches children a lot about how to behave and get along with others. Be a person, you would want your child to be.


Happy Parenting !


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