Best Music Netflix Documentaries6 min read

Music Sep 13, 2021
Music documentaries on Netflix



Best Music Netflix Documentaries6 min read

Music has endless benefits. Especially among kids, music has a soul essence as it facilitates brain development and instils and enhances many skills of your little one. Every parent is worried about nurturing and providing the best possible care to the kid’s body and mind. However, to stimulate the growth of your kids, they spend a lot of money. On the other hand, most parents do not spend money to develop the crucial skills of their kids. But they expect that their kids must be professional at both co-curricular and academic paths. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to provide both kinds of skills to your kid. Therefore music is the best way to kill both the birds with one arrow. Music helps your child develop additional skills; it also enhances discipline, social and learning skills. Today we will learn about various music documentaries on Netflix which can assist your child in learning multiple skills. Also, we will learn how music helps the child in developing numerous qualities.

How Music Assists Your Kid?

As mentioned above, music provides an advantage in both the academic and non-academic areas. Let us find out how.


In academic areas, music allows kids to develop their mental abilities and other skills, which helps them score better. So let us find out what are those skills:

Mathematics Skills

Now you must be thinking about how music can help a kid grow mathematics skills? Then let me tell you that they understand pattern recognition when your kids listen to the musical beats. Of course, understanding the problematic patterns is not every kid’s cup of tea, but if your child is good at music, they might solve it in a few seconds.

Music also helps kids to learn basic fractions and problem-solving skills. Children who love music are primarily good at mathematics and can solve problems within a few seconds. These skills are fundamental to solve advanced mathematics, and not many kids can understand the questions of advanced maths. This is why music is helpful to grow academic skills in your child.

Better Discipline

Music meets the discipline goals on a long term basis. If you are fed up with teaching your kid discipline, then music is the way. First, you can play small activities with your kids that will lead to an interest in music. Then, once they develop an interest in music, you will watch them practice constantly to learn a song.

Furthermore, learning an instrument such as guitar or piano requires constant practice and effort. Once your child develops an interest in any musical instrument, they will attend the music sessions regularly. Neither you need to command them, nor do you need to guide them. Instead, you will watch that they are self-disciplined and mastering a new instrument. Also, learning a new tool has many advantages.

So these are the educational benefits when you allow your kids to explore music.


Music has multiple non-academic benefits too. So let us find out which are those.

Social Skills

Music is one of the best social skill boosters. The social life of every musician and singer is rocking as well as they have a huge fan following. The prominent musicians and singers and small kids who know how to play an instrument such as guitar are top-rated in their school and colleges—making music improves the social as well as emotional skills among kids. Music is the medium to understand the feelings of others in a new language. Also, the kids who are good at music are mainly social butterflies. People revolve around them, and they do not face any problems in their social life.

In contrast, kids who do not know music or any instrument have low popularity and no emotional skills. Therefore, developing emotional skills at an early age is essential to understand qualities like empathy. This is why one can say music is a massive benefit for a kid’s social and emotional life.

Joy of Music

Music is a stress buster. It is a way to express your feelings creatively. Kids who are fond of listening to music never face depression or anger issues. Music works like a stress and anxiety buster for them. Most kids learn multiple songs to relax their minds. Also, they feel highly inspired when they know any new music.

In contrast, kids who do not know music and songs are primarily stressed and aggressive. These kids face many problems such as depression, anxiety and stress. This is why every kid must learn music.

These are how music helps kids to build both academic and non-academic skills. Overall, music facilitates brain growth, and multiple studies have proved it.

Best Netflix Music Documentaries

Now you know why music is essential and how it can help kids. But the question of which piece is best for kids and some fantastic music documentaries on Netflix is left unanswered. So let us find out the answer to this question.

Song Exploder

Song exploder is a viral music documentary on Netflix. In this, the work is enlightening with some fantastic pieces of musical songs. In every song, you can closely be related to the person who wrote it and performs it. Especially for kids, this music documentary works as a huge inspiration, and their minds get relaxed.
The music lover says that this music charges their minds. Overall the person who has sung this song leaves an unforgettable experience on our minds. Especially kids can relate and listen to these inspiring songs. So listen to song exploder music documentaries exclusively on Netflix. Motivate and guide your kids to listen to this music.

Echo in the Canyon

The sounds of Los Angeles inspire this music Echo in the Canyon in the late 60s. The music of this documentary has enormous popularity in the hearts of old music lovers. For kids, these hitmakers have given enduring inspirations to get inspired while listening to their music. Moreover, echo in Canyon is a famous and inspirational music documentary. Every parent must encourage their kids to attend this excellent documentary.

Hip Hop Evolution

This is a long music documentary, but if your kid starts watching, then there is no end. This documentary has 16 parts of the series, and it is spread into four seasons. But you won’t feel monotonous and bored at any point in time in the whole video. The best part about hip-hop evolution is that every episode has a specific theme and purpose, making it different from other series. Every theme describes a subject for the further movement in the history of rap. So if you want your kids to develop a love for music, you must recommend listening to Hip Hop evolution. The documentary has songs from the 80s and 90s. So you and your kid can kill a lot of fun and entertainment. Why listen to Hip Hop evolution?

So these are the most famous documentaries available on Netflix. Music is the key to learning multiple skills; thus, suggest the best music documentaries to your kids.


The bottom line is developing an interest in kids’ minds for music is the need for today. The benefits of music are known to you, so try to expose your kid as much as possible to music. Listen to the multiple music documentaries mentioned above as they have some of the fantastic songs of old times. One can also play various music games and go to music concerts to increase more interest in music for your kids. So what are you waiting for? Engage your kids in numerous musical activities.


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