7 Mind Blowing Mother’s Day Gifts 6 min read

Activities for Kids Sep 26, 2021
Mother Day Gifts


7 Mind Blowing Mother’s Day Gifts 6 min read


One relationship in this life which stands above all the other known bonds on this Earth is that between a child and a mother. The bond is utterly blessed as well as truly priceless in terms of the countless love, dedication, and devotion towards the family showered by a mother.

And therefore to acknowledge such a heartfelt bond and to recognize the presence of all mothers around the globe, every year we celebrate Mother’s Day across more than 46 countries of the world. This day is considered to be extremely important and special for all the mothers who are mostly underrated in this male-dominated society.

Starting with this Day

For all the efforts that our mothers do for us, every day should be Mother’s Day. This Mother’s day, get ready to tell your moms what they mean to us and how special they are to us. Worry not if you are a dad! As a caring dad, it becomes your own job to lead by your kids by example and show them how important Mother’s Day is.

Beginning with, as the sun rises you can make her feel special by either preparing her favorite breakfast and serve her to the bed or by decorating the room with the help of your elders. Believe it or not, but the look that she’ll have on her face would be truly amazing! You can also help her out with the daily household chores or by preparing a delicious cake for her.

7 Gifting Ideas

You can make this day even more enlightening and special for your amazing mommy with the enlisted gifting ideas that we have! You might be wondering how to make her smile like never before. But Worry not! Because we have some mind blowing ideas to gift your mothers something that they would never forget! Keep reading.

  • Handmade card for Mommy

Handmade cards are quite simple, easy to make and the best way to express your feelings! In order to begin, you need colored sheets of paper, a pair of scissors, glue and some sketch pens. And finally, game on kid!

You can use your creativity to make the best card possible! For having a rough idea, you can follow either of the above mentioned tips to avail.

  • Use phrases such as Happy mother’s mom, I love you mommy or you are the best mom in this world. You can write any preferred statements or phrases for your mommy.
  • Add flowers, hearts, a house or a picture of your mother. Worry not if you aren’t able to recreate the exact picture. Always remember that what matters is your feelings for her and now your perfection!
  • You may use pastel colors, acrylic colors or even painting colors for creating a better impact. If you haven’t done painting or coloring before, it is alright to ask your elders for help.
  • Once you are done with the front cover, try writing some sweet lines for them or something that you’d always wanted her to know.
  • A Medal or Award for her

Undoubtedly, we are aware of the fact that your mother already holds the first place in your heart and that’s why we feel every mother deserves this token of love in the form of a  medal – for their infinite love and affection. They truly deserve this one!

All you need for preparing this beautiful medal include paper, sketch pens, glue, and a pair of scissors! Take 2 strips of paper with the desired thickness, as shown in the picture. The next step is to cut them in V-shape from one end. Then you need to take another sheet and cut it in the shape of a circle. You may write anything on that circle.  Once you do this, stick the material along. And you have your beautiful card ready!

  • Crown

You shall definitely treat your mommy like a queen because she’s no less than that! Therefore this Mother’s Day, make her feel like a Queen! You can design this amazing and colorful crown and even personalize it for your dearest mommy! It isn’t hard to make. All that you need is colored sheets of paper, some glue, and a pair of scissors! Cut the paper in the desired shape. At last, you can even stick decorative material to make it appear more classy and beautiful.

  • Bouquet

Heard of a bouquet that never dries up? Yes, you heard that right! Because we are gonna help you create a beautiful bouquet of everlasting flowers to show your undying love for mommy! This would definitely help you to trigger your creativity!

For creating the base, you must go for a green base, by folding the sheet in the desired manner as shown above. For flowers, you may pick any color of your choice. In general, pink and red colored sheets are preferred. But it’s totally your choice! Start cutting out individual petals and then stick them together with the help of glue. Finally, you need to gather the base, stem (by cutting out strips in green color) and flowers all together. You can even tie a ribbon to give your bouquet a beautiful look.

  • Pop up greeting card

Wondering to give her a pop-up card? It’s an amazing idea! Your mother will get extremely if you surprise your mommy with a pop-up wish! You can prepare a unique pop-up greeting card. It would definitely come out with the best wishes for your lady love! For this activity, all you need is colored paper, some out-of-the-box thinking, and sketch pens!

  • Gift Box- including her favorite products

Who doesn’t love being pampered or filled with all the love? Every person loves a gift box, no matter a male or a female! You can gift your mother an amazing gift box by filling it with her favorite products. In short, by loading it with everything she loves – candies, chocolates, letters, photographs, anything! Without a doubt, she’ll fall in love with it!

  • Magnet memories to make her day!

You can actually fill up your fridge with amazing memories and surprise your mommy when she wakes up! You can use old jam, pickle bottle caps, or any other similar stuff. Next what you need to do is to stick photographs, and add a magnet! Your mother will definitely love these magnet memories forever!


Ever wondered what it would be like if we didn’t have mother’s around? It would be appropriate to say that our world would’ve probably been smaller, colder, ill-mannered and shattered into pieces! Our lovely mothers are our caregivers. Not only this, but they also teach, nurture and love us immensely. It’s only because of her guidance and love that we as individuals learn how to be empathetic and sympathetic to those around us.

You must give it your best shot to make this day, the best day she could’ve ever imagined! We hope that you might have liked these ideas and that they’ll help you to express all your feelings like never before. Time to wrap up your skills and gift her something special.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mother’s out there.


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