How to avoid summer setback?5 min read

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How to avoid summer setback?5 min read

The National Education Association stated that children tend to lose their skills if they take a break from reading. Summer setback is a condition where a child loses his or her ability to read after going back to school. It can be prevented through the proper reading instruction that parents provide. This article will help you with a few tips and tricks to get your child reading.

Benefits of reading:

  1. While reading, children tend to come across words that they have never heard before, which prompts them to learn what they mean.
  2. Allowing your child to practice reading helps them become better at it.
  3. Reading helps build self-esteem and independence. It allows children to develop their own sense of independence and confidence.
  4. Reading helps kids understand what’s happening to them.
  5. They are able to see the world around them in a way that they can’t imagine. Through reading, they are also able to determine what kinds of things are around them.
  6. Reading is very important for a child’s academic success. It can help them gain the skills needed to succeed in school and beyond.
  7. As a child, reading helps develop their imagination. By making the picture the characters, the stories help them develop their own world.
  8. It gets them excited about reading. It encourages them to get into the book and to keep going back and forth in their imaginations. It also helps them develop a good sense of humor.
  9. Through reading, children can improve their grammar by observing how the author writes their sentences. They can also learn how to properly use punctuation.
  10. Reading helps improve a child’s writing skills. It also helps them develop their communication and grammar skills.
  11. Reading is very important to everyone in life. It is also important to teach kids the value of reading and encourage them to practice it often.

Why does a summer setback happen?

Summer is here! It means a break from schoolwork, but it can also have negative effects on a child’s education. Summer setback is a type of academic decline that occurs during the summer. It can happen even for children who are not yet old enough to learn. Summer slide is a common learning loss for children in low-income households. It occurs during the summer months when children start to lose interest in reading. Summer learning loss is a major factor in the achievement gap between low-income and higher-income students. High-school students with access to books during the summer see higher reading scores than those with no access to books. Differences in children’s summer learning experiences can affect their chances of graduating from high school. The effects of summer setbacks are known to lower a person’s proficiency level in the long run. It can also lead to lower academic success.

Overcoming summer setback

  • Libraries

Take advantage of summer reading programs offered by local libraries. These programs are great for kids and can introduce them to new things. They also benefit the community by exposing them to different art forms and activities.

  • Make books easy to access

Whether it’s at home, the library, or wherever you are, make reading fun and accessible. Studies show that kids are more likely to keep reading if they are excited about the topic.

  • Plan some educational adventures

Summer is a great time to make travel packs full of educational activities.

  • Talk to them

Ask your child to sing the words “converse” and “persuasive” while talking about the trees and the food that you’re eating. This activates the senses and helps develop vocabulary words.

  • Play games but with a purpose

Board games are great for educational purposes. They can stimulate creativity, teamwork, and communication.

  • Go shopping for books

Let your child pick out the books he wants to read. When you take your child to a store or library, let him pick out the books that he wants to read. This will help him develop a love for reading.

  • Make reading appealing

When your kid is tired of doing nothing, leave him or her with books. There are many ways to make this happen. You can also leave books in places that your child might find interesting. This can be done by storing a basket of books in the areas that they are most likely to get bored.

  • Make a themed reading space

Create a themed reading nook. It can be a fort-like space or a themed room that your child is really into. Create a reading nook for your child to enjoy. It can be themed with something that they’re really into, such as outer space or rainforest. This will allow her to feel like she is reading for herself, and it will also give her a space to call her own.

  • Form a reading club

Activities that are inspired by books can help extend the reading experience. They can help children develop their literacy skills and bring some of the elements of a book to life.
Ask her friend to read a book to her. They can then join the club and talk about the book together. This will teach them about reading and encourage them to start reading more.

  • Opportunity and Exploration

By giving the opportunity for your child to read and be connected to everything that she/he learned will keep them stick to it. Also, allow them to explore new horizons of education. These are the keywords “Opportunity & Exploration” for you to avoid summer setbacks.


Finding ways to cope up is always helpful. Hope this article helped you in acquiring knowledge about summer setbacks and ways to overcome them. Make summer exciting for your kids now!


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